Polish tragedy - the presidential flight crashed in Rusia

The polish central power was decapitated today with the crash of the presidential aircraft in Russia. 132 people died including the president Lech Kachinsky, his wife and his twin brother. A very strange situation in a very hot political environment around the world.
The crash was motivated by bad weather and 3 attempted landing, but seems like the pilots ignored the warnings to land in Moscow and tried to land anyway. Some eye witnesses said the aircraft dumped its fuel before the crash so this explains the lack of explosion. Anyway no ambulance was called there since the first crew arrived there presumed is no sense to it.
The president became a controversial figure in time, many said his campaign and conduct was dictated by America and he was an enemy of Russia and a nazi. Others instead say he had a great conduct and helped Poland a lot. Interesting to mention is that Poland delayed the Euro currency indefinitely, but also was the least hit EU country with this crisis, good measures and initiatives helped the country to recover more easily. Same Poland refused to promote the vaccines for AH1N1 because the pharmaceutical companies didn't accepted to take any risk for side effects.
We don;t know what really happened there but for sure you can raise some questions about what is happening i the world lately politically.

Condoleances to the polish nation and families !