Top 6 Happy Food

Oh well, I won’t apologize anymore for my long absences, it’s just life. Sometimes ups and downs and many different reasons can keep you away from your usual focus.
I come back (again) with some cheerful subject this time. Fooood !!!
There are so many things out there to eat, so many compositions which can make you good, bad or whatever. But let’s see what can make you happy.
A top 6 food which can make you happier if you can believe is right here.

That’s right. Calcium and Vitamin D can make you stress free consumed on a daily basis, of course. You can take your portion by 1-2 glass of fresh milk/day.

2. SPINACH or maybe Popey is not a mith ?
This veggie contains enough iron to make us look better and feel good. Try not over boil or cook to maintain the properties.

Not all kind of fat is bad for us. For instance Omega 3 the fatty acid is exactly that kind of fat we need for a healthy lifestyle. So a diet with salmon even 2-3 times/week is exactly proper for our stress free purpose.

You heard me right. Don’t believe me ? Watch Italians, how exuberant they are and maybe you make some connection. Indeed, carbohydrates are good if consumed in reasonable quantities. Like everything in life, in reasonable quantities nothing can hurt you. Consume pasta to feel better. And if you are over stressed about calories now you can choose easily the integral bread or pasta.

Good for a movie or reading. Makes some noise and mess but it’s fun, and not ultimately is healthy, makes you happier. Did you experienced that after 10 minutes cracking ? Do you know why ? The magic word is Selenium, substance contained in this seeds and known for it’s magic quick power to make us feel better almost instantly. And don’t forget about the great balance between fibers and proteins in this seeds. But don’t get overwhelmed though, too much can make you fat. So enjoy your movie, or may post why not.

You don’t like soy ? Why ? Try to combine it with something you like and experience the difference. For those who love tofu good news. Great protein balance, no fat or cholesterol. Just try to check the labels and avoid using the genetically modified soybeans.

Cheers !