Unborned series - Music and Sounds

Did you know ?
Unborned babies can hear starting with pregnancy week 16. The ear is the most quickly developed organ of the unborned fetus. The baby can really hear what’s happening outside depending on the intensity of the sounds. The mother voice will resonate much harder than anything else though, especially if the mother is singing. In this case the baby will react very positively to this stimulant. Music is the best connection between the outside world and the baby. Especially baroc music (Ex.: Bach, Mozart) and Gregorian music. The rock music reaches 125 dB, which is too disturbing for the baby so it’s not recommended.
The ocean sound will create also a great outside surrounding for the unborned since his living in this environment.
Music can heal, treat, relax, help pregnancy, help birth, and help communication. If you choose the right music you will touch your baby with great power during pregnancy and even after. Music stimulates the brain and babies constantly under good music surroundings develop a higher IQ later. Also stimulates the imune system, learning, emotions …
Tip: you can even program your baby with music during pregnancy. For example listen the same music in the morning for 3 months and another music before you go to bed. After your child is borned you can continue doing the same and you will see that your baby reacts, will wake up easily and happily and will asleep quickly.
Warning ! Never associate the music with bad things or emotions. If you are sad, angry or frustrated the baby will feel, and if you associate the music with one of this feelings than later the baby will react the same everytime will hear that music. If you connected the music correctly with happy moods or relaxing moods than you can use the same music during the birth of your child, this will help a less traumatized birth. Associate for example the ocean with relaxation and than put that sounds or music during birth. Everything will be much more different than a normal birth.

Everything that happens in pregnancy will have effect on your child, so use sounds and music wisely to interact with your baby. He/she is already a living thing inside you, and can hear you starting from week 16, don’t forget.
Use this knowledge and create a better world for your child !

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