Eat more cabbage !

What a simple aliment though so complex and healthy. Cabbage has a long history as well which at some point was controversial.
It’s 4000 years old like origin and was very appreciated by Ancient Greece and rejected by the European high society. But Greeks discovered that cabbage is not only very healthy but also it’s good to be consumed before drinking. So before every big party with a lot of food and especially alcohol they eat raw cabbage or garnished with vinegar. Maybe that’s why today cabbage is a national food for the Russians. Especially in the winter they consume big quantities not just because it’s cheap but also for his complex properties. For example a Russian eats 7 times more cabbage per year then an American. Americans use cabbage more like assortment (coleslaw) in fast-foods which could be replaced better with home cooking.
Later on, cabbage met its success also in Europe, especially in countries like: Germany, Austria, Holland and Sweden. Hungary and Poland prefers it pickled. In Coreea it’s used a lot for the famous kim chi; in Japan like tsukemono. And not for least Turkey uses cabbage in many traditional food.
Today cabbage is included in the top 20 nutritious foods around the world.

What exactly contains the cabbage ?

It’s full of vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, vit. B1, B2, B3, D and a lot of fibers like any veggie. Since contains also U vitamin, which is known for his healing properties in ulcers, we presume it’s good for this illness.
The red cabbage it’s richer in fibers, Calcium, iron and potassium compared to the green one. The pickled cabbage is rich in C vitamin.

- Ulcer;
- Anemia;
- Diabetes;
- Stomach, colon and breast cancer (because contains “indol” and anti-cancer enzymes);
- Scurvy.
Little warning ! Like every good thing in this world don’t go to far with cabbage, in big (but big) quantities can create some problems to your thyroid.

It’s a great disinfectant, nutritive, energizer and mineralizer. His disinfectant qualities are used in many skin diseases, wounds and infections, including hemorrhoids. Calms the pain and disinfect the tissues efficiently so you can try it yourself. In this cases you use it fresh.

In the fridge you can let the cabbage for 3 weeks in plastic bags until starts to loose its properties. The best is to be eaten fresh as possible. If you want to boil it than keep in mind 10 minutes is enough. When you can start to feel his smell on the fire usually is the moment when the cabbage starts to loose its vitamins. The red cabbage boils slower than the green one. And if you just love its taste you can cook it anyway you want.


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