Tell me what's your name to tell you who you are !

Did you know that names work like mantras ? Well they really are, since a mantra is like a “magic” word or sound with energetic power which used often can create transformations. And what is the most heard word during our lives if not our name ? So this really acts like a mantra and I would say it’s the mantra of your life. Don’t get confused though, here doesn’t count your name from the usual identity cards but the name your family, friends or your neighbours use to call you. This is your real mantra. The meaning of your called name is something which even if you want or not affects you. Those who are called with powerful names can consider themselves lucky, the rest needs something extra to kill the bad connotations attached to their names. Anyway many names are neutral so don’t worry. But it’s a powerful tool to use for your children, when you use the name of your baby, or when you just want to switch on a different name whatever reason you may have.
I prepared a list of names and their short meaning to see if you can find your own and others. Think about people you know with the names below and test if they really share common characteristics between each other. I wish to write more but like I learned lately it’s not a good idea to create huge articles. And I can assure you since there are so many names and characteristics to each, this article could take some handbook dimensions. Anyway I am open like always to give more specific information on request. Have fun.

Adelina, Adeline noble Alexandra protector of men and people
Alma nice Amalia, Amelia nice, pleasant
Amanda loved, lovable Ana grace
Andrea warrior Angela messenger, needs love
Beatrice traveler Britany comes from Great Britain
Bianca white Candice witness
Carolina property owner Carmen the priests help
Carry beloved, friend
Cecilia blind Clara brilliant, shining
Cleopatra takes father proud Christina follower of Christ
Corinne maiden Daniela God is my judge
Diana divine, goddess Dolores pain, suffer
Helena, Elena sunshine, torch Elizabeth God is my oath
Emmanuelle God is with us Elvira the majestic
Emilia eager, zealous, anxious Ana grace
Eugenia aristocrat Felicity happy, lucky, fertile
Gabriela God is my power Georgia farmer, peasant
Gloria glory Grace grace
Helga success Irine peace
Joanna God's blessing Irma universal
Julia Jupiter's descendent Laura laurel,bay bush
Leticia joy Lillian lily
Livia pale, livid, envious Lucia light
Lucretia to succeed Maria, Myriam wanted child
Marta lady of the house Melanie darkness, black
Miranda miraculous Monica hermit, recluse
Nadia hope Olivia olive
Ophelia helper Paula small or humble
Petra hard, stone Silvia forester
Valerie to be strong Veronica true image
Victoria victory Virginia virgin

Alexander protector of men Andrew warrior
Anton he was lost Aaron,Aron,Ron mountain, strength
Brad broad, wide Carl free man
Charles man, serf Cesar the chief
Christian follower of Christ Colin young creature
Constantin stable, constant Cornel chimney
Daniel God will judge me David lovable
Dylan son of the sea Emanuel God is with us
Eugene noble, well-born Gabriel God is my power
George countryman, farmer Fabian one who grows beans
Felix happy, lucky, fertile John God's blessing
Julian bearded Justin who thinks right
Karl free man Kurt courageous
Lucian bright Leonard lion power
Max the best Maximilian the greatest
Michael who is alike Jehova Nikolas victorious people
Oliver olive Paul small or humble
Peter hard like a stone Philip horse lover
Sergio slave, to save Silvio wood, forester
Theodor God's gift Simon who listens
Vladimir the one who rules, powerful

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