Top 10 genius strategies

There are many ways to develop our thinking strategies and you know what, it’s accessible to anyone, you just need to train yourself same way like with everything else. If you would use just a very small part of your time compared to how much you spend into your office, shopping, driving your car you would be more in front. Dedicate more quality time for yourself to grow your inner potentials. And use any relatively empty moments. Use the shower for example, it’s a good place for creative thinking (just don’t waste too much water).
But let’s see top 10 strategies adopted by geniuses of the history. What did they do different, what was their way to do it ? If any of the followings fits your style than give it a try and see what happens. But before you start make a special commitment with yourself to keep a determined time for the same strategy , and don’t just give up in a couple of days. The real deal don’t just appear over night and if you think that you have some unhealthy illusions which can stress you really hard. Always reasonable target limits are the best to not push ourselves too hard. So set up your reasonable limit and push it up a little – that’s it. Keeping a journal, or even a blog this days with your daily experiences and improvements would be a good option. And not just to keep your track for now but also for the future. How many times you found yourself reading something you wrote in the past and you were amazed about how many things happened since, or you just didn’t recognize yourself in there. But listen, this was part of you back then , same real and important like what you think is now. Analyzing our past and realizing where are we now it’s part of the process of self discovery. This is maybe the most important thing we forgot in this rushing era where we don’t live anymore our lives but others. How to achieve great goals and be happy if you don’t even know who you are anymore because you’ve forgotten yourself somewhere on the way. Maybe what you think you want it’s not even yours, maybe it’s just a copy of someone else something borrowed from the society you are living in.
Now back to our subject.

Top 10 of genius thinking strategies

1. Visualization
Einstein used this powerful method of visualization. He had a very creative thinking in opposite with what you could think about a mathematician. But for him numbers and words were not so important. The final solutions were important. So he visualized what he wanted to achieve from many different perspectives which created the right surrounding for solutions to come. It’s like an attraction of what you are really focused on. So he formulated and reformulated the issue as many ways he could imagine. He just let his mind fly and think about amazing things without restrictions. Following his imagination like a through believer that anything can happen he really succeeded. He analised all the possibilities from many perspective views, putting himself many questions as he could about the issue, simple questions, complex questions, completely crazy questions. It’s like you imagine yourself in a room with many different people and all of you have 1 subject to ask about, but you will put this time not just your own questions but the questions the other would put. It’s an amazing process, you can’t imagine what kind of revelations can just come to you and what discovery you will find. Give yourself credit and start doing it now. Don’t question yourself about what can’t you do – just start.
We all have much more knowledge inside then our conscious level let’s us know. But exercises help to dig and find our deep located resources. Allow things to come and find you.
“Einstein's classic thought experiment that helped him develop the Theory of Relativity was when he imagined what it would be like to ride on a beam of light. This was something that he could never do in reality but by imagining it his creative thinking was stimulated to the insights and understandings of how light and time functioned. From those imaginings came his world-famous theories in quantum physics.” Source

Notice !!! You will se in the followings that all the 10 strategies have something in common which shows you things are not so difficult if you start to give them more time. There are just some very slightly differences which makes them unique. But sometimes just a very small thing determines the success of some and the failure of others. So it’s good they are not so different will make things easier for you and everyone else.

2. Ask for second opinion
Same method to see through others eyes used Leonardo Da Vinci. He considered that our first opinions about something are more likely subjective and won’t provide the best solutions in many cases. That’s why he thought through others perspectives to find something new what no one did before. Seeing new viewpoints this is the main issue, and entering in a different characters mind is not that hard, it’s like acting – for a good performance you need to think like that character. So just do it.

3. Produce something
Thomas Edison had 1093 patents, imagine this kind of productivity – totally crazy. But he didn’t work alone, he shared his interests and successes with his assistants. And like him other inventors and scientists did the same but what is not to known that they produce almost the same amount of failures. So what is the point of it ? To not be afraid of failure, this happens and most of the successful people during history and independently of which area ( science, business, whatever) they have their own bad episodes with failure, bankruptcies unsuccessful ideas and more. Mozart, Einstein, Bach, Shakespeare they all were prolific producers. For the best results need to reach the worst too in many cases. Being afraid of failure is one of the most obstructing power in our achievements. You just can’t commit yourself fully to have any success what so ever if you have the failure in front of your nose. Maybe you put so much in visualization, hearing, feeling in how your future failure could look like that your all energy goes exactly to the opposite direction. You even attract failure to yourself, so how cool for you. This phrase gives a good space for the 4th way.

4. Prepare yourself for successful “accidents” (opportunities, chance)
Turn your bad habits of thinking in opportunities. If you failed or something came out not like you expected reframe the whole image or feeling you have about it. Do you think this was a failure ? That you are not good enough maybe ? Again you use your energy for unproductive things. So what can you do ? Think the opposite. Be amazed and ask yourself: “so this came up from what I intended ?”; “Hmmm, let’s see why this happened ?; What did I do to achieve this result ?; So what could happen if I change this particular step in this process ?. Do it again in a new formula. Because in fact you created something but not what you intended, so it’s not bad at all. Many inventions resulted from accidents, doing something different than usual. Prepare yourself for “successful” accidents ! Penicillin was created this way.

5. Think in metaphors
Metaphors act like triggers inside our brain, they trigger solutions for unusual things. This because metaphors include the surprise factor, they are something you always need to think about in a different way and this is something awsome for our brain. Some people do it because it’s fun, some because express their way of being, some do it in purpose - because they know what they can gain doing it.
Aristotel considered metaphors being a sign of a genius because according to him anyone who could put together 2 different perspectives which share a subtle connection is a genius.
With metaphors you can even catch the liars, because surprising someone when it’s not prepared, like in the middle of a conversation about something completely different - you can trigger the reaction of confusion and this confusion can destroy the guard prepared by the liar.

6. Create connections between totally different things
Become a matcher, take 2-3 or more things and just put them together, try to find connection even between impossible things, eventually you will find something and you will laugh. This method trains your spirit and allows totally new perspectives and solutions to come. Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Samuel Morse all used this.

7. Think in opposition
Niels Bohr, the physicist, use this method. He believed if you cancel logic the really amazing things appear. He selected for this 2 completely different things attached them in his mind and just “killed” the logic. Doing this he saw beyond. The method is paradoxically is a logical one because suspending an obvious answer which includes your way of thinking you let place for new things, new interpretations otherwise you already have your mind set on an obvious answer for you and this stops any further digging. Isn’t this logical to you ? For me it is.
Picasso stated: “Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction".

8. Create your fantasy movie
Related to the rest but in a more entertaining way. Sit back and start your creations. Close your eyes if it’s easier and start your scenario. Create your future this way: imagine like a movie the whole process until your reach your goal, be observer and don’t stop the flow – run the whole movie from start to end. First time start easy scenarios. When your mind starts to become less and less limited the scenarios will become more complex, the goal higher and the flow easier.
This is what Nicola Tesla did. He saw everything so clearly even in numbers that his experiments actually were already done and tried in his “movies”. So when he noted all the facts and numbers and applied them many of his experiments worked without any future changing. This is truly amazing, but is what we have inside if developed well.

9. Practice what you’ve learn
To maintain what you’ve gained need to implement that something. Same as with school, same with career, without practice you will simply forget . Have you heard that phrase: accept success into your life ? That’s because it was found that most people are not prepared in front of the success or they don’t really believe they can or deserve any.

10. Be patient
We don’t know the perfect recipe for success, because it’s unique to everyone. Same technique used by x people will give x solutions (not in mathematics but in life). How many people were recognized for their merits just until late in their lives, or even after death. Ok, this is not a perspective I want to promote and what could be tempting for you, but you need to take in consideration the time issue. Success is a combination of many factors like chance, opportunity (meeting the right people in the right moment), determination, clear goal, moods after weather, signs and other stuff which works for us. If I would talk from astrology perspective some of us are more inclined to reach success just late in their life when some on the contrary. But we all have the potential to reach our own success and even accelerate the process. We all have a piece of the big pie, all. But you can just miss it, or realize it later or whatever. It is a lot about being open and observing everything around you. Like many things in life, you could meet your future wife or husband in the subway, but just if it’s the right day when you are opened and reachable for him/her. We have millions of small signs and opportunities around us (I will write a special article about that) but the difference between us is just if we can see them. And what you get it’s what you attract.
Ok about the time issue I don’t tell you to wait until you die or you are old, but take the time perspective as an option, like don’t expect your success tomorrow after you just discovered you can have it all. Can this happen tomorrow ? Yes. But it’s more likely not to happen the next day ? Yes. Having too unrealistic expectances according to our inner believes it’s a contradiction and brings deception. And also take care of deceptions because it’s a ruining power, that’s why I advice you to put realistic goals for you for the first steps, keep in mind you can do it all but allow yourself first to explore inside possibilities you believe in and learn to believe in more every day. If the result doesn’t come when expected just don’t give up, keep a broad time spectrum to can live relaxed, forcing things are just not natural.

I would love to develop all this strategies together with you. So give me your feedbacks and let’s discuss about them.

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