Color series - Orange is hot !

Orange – powerfull color which reached his peak in fashion few years ago between male figures who started to wear orange a lot, something interesting if we think back when this was considered completely a feminine color. Old time what can I say.
Orange has his powers, many even in areas which are in frontline. This because orange is a sexy color which grows our appetite for life and makes us happier. Being close to red describes warm people who are usually kind and thoughtful about others. Also they are very creative.

I want to develop the role of the orange in our sexual life since its very representative, more than with any other color. In yoga the orange is worshiped because of his direct influence on the second chakraSwadhistana – this chakra is in fact responsible for our sexual life, vitality and even social relationships. A Swadhistana chakra dominated person (without disfunctions of the chakra) will be a typical sex symbol, very attractive to the opposite sex, very popular and with a huge friend list. Also it’s also easy to be influenced and emotional.
But if this chakra is unbalanced than weird things happens. Read the possibilities:
1. forgetful (forgets about keys, purse, any items all over places);
2. headless;
3. talks too much without any sense;
4. her pelvis, bottom became huge (even if she is not fat- yes usually this appears to women);
5. has different kind of obsessions;
6. menstruation problems;
7. or became a sexual freak in one way or another ( different orientation, bisexuality, nimphomania), sexual disfunctions.

Like you see there are some cool stuff to know about orange.

More health indications:
- used in tiredness, and anxiety;
- stimulates the gall bladder;
- digestive and respiratory problems;
- stimulates the thyroid;
- asthma;
- whooping cough;
- fever;
- blood tension variations;
- spasmophilia.

How to use orange ?

Well it’s easy like with white (previous series) – wear orange clothes, and for any kind of sexual disfunctions use orange panties. You can also use orange stones or jewelry pieces, recommended to be cleaned and treated first. Stone indications include: tiger’s eye, topaz, garnet, carnelian, choral.
Listen music to activate your “orange Chakra”. Music written in "D" is specially for this.

Interior decoration and Feng Shui with orange

Orange is a great color to include in your home color scheme. Gives a real touch and special appearance. Don’t go to far though since orange is very “yang” meaning it’s too full of life and can activate a room to an unbearable feeling. It’s better to use more relaxed versions of orange for your rooms, like shades and tints of orange.

For a peaceful environment use peach (white+orange) but don’t combine it with oak or light pine, better dark stained furniture. Peach goes great for smaller rooms too.

Peach to Black
Another alternative is to use a range of dark oranges as your color scheme. Adding black to orange will create browns. From a rich orange-brown to a black-brown. You may refer to this range as your guide for wood stains in your soft peach room. Or perhaps decorate your room in rich orange-browns. Consider painting your walls a peach. Your couch a rich brown from the dark orange range. Have your area rug a mix of soft peaches and rich orange-browns.And maybe your drapes and furniture are an orange with just a hint of black added. Now your room will be cozy and warm.

Add Blue
Add the compliment to the room to cool it down. The compliment to orange is blue. Orange and blue are on the opposite sides of the color wheel. When you add blue to orange you will mute the orange. This will create shades of muted oranges all the way to a grayish brown.
Add white to this palette for soft, less intense peaches... they really are more light beiges and tans.
Add black to the muted oranges to have a range of brown to a dark grey-brown. You can use these muted tints and shades together to create a rich and dynamic room.
A good rule of thumb is to refer to the grid of muted oranges below and use the 3 that are either next to each other, diagonal to each other or vertical to each other.

Orange and Feng Shui

Since orange is a social color will fit perfect in the living room and also dining and kitchen area. If you want to respect the Feng Shui elements than is good to know that orange stays next to red so represents also a version of Fire so it’s good to be placed in South areas and avoid West and Northwest especially, also if you can avoid East and Southeast. I recommend to use it for example on the Souhs wall and the rest of the walls paint another color which fits with orange. It’s maybe easier to just use décor accessories in orange. Placed well they will have the intended effect.

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