Health - Treat yourself with salt !

I want to dedicate a lot of time on articles related to our mental, spiritual and physical health. But let’s start with something simple and practical.

What about salt ? You can find it everywhere, is cheap, very common but also precious, not just for cooking but also for health. So why not use it ? Let’s see what can we learn about salt.
What kind of salt we have:
1) unrefined salt (such as sea salt) – which is considered healthier;
2) refined salt (table salt);
3) iodized salt – use to help reduce the incidence of iodine deficiency which cause thyroid gland problems.
Salt is normally obtained from sea water or rock deposits.

Salt excess it’s not good for health if it’s used in food, but this is no news to anyone. The best way always is balance.
Now let’s see how we can use salt for many many purposes concerning our health.

Best salt to use is the most natural salt type (without additives). Make a small research through your own country websites and find out what kind of salt options you have.


Non-allergic rhinitis and especially post-nasal drip
-irrigate your nose at least 1 time per day – 10 days consecutively with salty warm water.
The good thing is that not only you reduce swollen and congested nasal and sinus tissues but also you wash out thickened nasal secretions, irritants (smog, pollens, etc.), bacteria, and crusts from the nose and sinuses.
-for the start use a weaker salt mixture – you will feel a little burning sensation first time which is normal, but in time you can rise the concentration;
-use can use a syringe or a Water Pik device.
Best way is to do it next to the sink with your head down and rotated up in the direction of your irrigator and just fill up your nostril until the salty water comes out from the other nostril. You can keep your mouth open if it helps. Do the same on the other side. This is the best way to make a good cleaning. It’s not so difficult after your first time. If the water come out from your mouth don’t panic, it’s not a bad thing – will clean your throat too. I use a Neti Pot for it.
I found a cute blog article about how to use it with picture included, so for more details go here

Throat pain (pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis) or in case you lost your voice
- gargle with salty water – this kills the bacteria since salt is also antiseptic and seal the bleeding and wounds you may have;
- use 2 teaspoon of salt in a glass with hot water (tolerable for you) dissolve it and than gargle it deeper you can;
- 2-3 times per day until you are better.

I and II degree burns (no open wound or critical burns)
- put salt on the area and let it there to enter in the skin, quicker recovery with low cost.

Skin Ulcerations
- this is an ancient greek remedy;
- ok we use some honey too but still I thought I include it here;
- so ½ spoon salt + 2 spoon honey – make it creamy and just apply on the affected areas, the results are really amazing.

Renal calculus and renal colics
- warm up a sackcloth full of gem salt until reaches 50-60 Celsius degrees ( use your oven, radiator or whatever);
- than place the sackcloth on your lombar area where your kidneys are and keep it 30 minutes.
Who knows this pains will do anything to go away and this is a simple noninvasive method.

Very cool stuff ! Hair Loss Problems or Eczema
- once per week wash your hair with warm water after you boiled it; but not any water – use rain water or spring water – I know this is maybe difficult for some of you but if you are motivated enough you will find;
- after washing, friction your scalp 15 minutes with iodized salt;
- do this 6 times (6 weeks) and see the miracle.

Hypotension and/or Cardiac arrhythmia
- every morning before breakfast put 0,25 gram sea salt in 250-300 ml water and drink it
This is a longer term commitment since it’s recommended to do it for half a year and in combination with healthy food, predominantly vegetarian.
But hey it’s natural and it’s your choice !

Osteoporosis and muscular cramps
- just use exclusively gem salt in your food without any iodine.
Obs.! If your condition needs iodine than better not use this method.

Hollow Cough or Hooping Cough
- put on your tongue granulated gem salt ( not more than a knife tip);
- 2 mechanisms will stop your cough: your abundant saliva and your brain which will be stimulated.

Now about homemade salt baths

How to prepare the salt bath:

- fill your bathtub (considering 150 l) with warm water use 2 Kg of salt (dissolved before in hot water);
- make this bath for 20-30 minutes taking care of the temperature, which is best to be kept at 37 degrees for maximum efficiency.
Interesting fact ! this method is best to be started before full moon with 2-3 days and than repeat it after 3-4 days, or depending on the motive.

Why do that ?

- rheumatism – you can use warmer water temperature and sea salt or gem salt, 2 times per week;
- urinary tract infection, cystitis – normal bath or just hip bath every night until you are good; you need more salt (5 spoons for 1 liter) and hot water (tolerable)-after go to bed or stay in warm environment;
- genital problems like annexitis (same like above but you can use iodine);
- flu – foot baths with very hot water and even more salt (10 spoons per liter) – 10 minutes – than take your socks on and go to bed and feel your perspiration coming;
- bacterial and mycotic infections (fungus especially) – partial bathing just on your infected area for 15 minutes (7 spoons per liter) and than just let it dry.
Until the next time …

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