A world without water

This could be the most sensitive issue of our time. It’s one of those subjects which will never be too old. We are not very conscious about it, especially who lives in well-drained cities around the world, but the fact is - water is not a never ending treasure. Like many of the treasures, they tend to disappear over time.
I don’t want to talk apocalyptically here, but we should be aware and appreciate what still nature and our earth provides us. We managed very well to destroy our planet and take anything for granted like a superior amazing creatures we think we are. We thought everything is ours because we are the most evolved species on earth. We could start to think about how water was wasted for many unjustifiable purposes, how the water supply and especially the drinking water was contaminated in the last 2-3 decades, because you should know that the big water problems started than. Yes drinking water in our time is just around 2 % (a debated per cent - some says 1, some 3). If the quality of water which returns in the earth is highly contaminated and big quantities of water just disappears taking the climate changes (which we created also) than how we can expect a never ending water supply for our future and the future of our kids ? This is not a prediction but a logical presumption. Environment is not what it used to be. Especially that in the same rhythm the globe population is growing constantly. There are wars and deadly diseases which take place like a higher something wanting to equilibrate the balance, but still we are more and more every day.
We are a resistant and well accommodated species but we just can’t live without water; without food we could make it for 3 weeks but without water just a couple of days (approximately 3, maximum 7). Our body contains mainly water: a baby between 75-80 % and a grown up around 65 % (men>women). Our brain is the biggest water consumer, since contains 85 % water – which indicated why without water our thinking is the first affected. Anyone who experienced a water interruption in their homes for a couple of hours or even days knows how this can affect the quality of our lives even just for a very short time, and if the water supply company keep the water away more than usual than we start to become really angry and disoriented about how to solve our normally “luxury” needs. This is really a disturbing experience. Who never tried this should go somewhere where is not water and feel how it is on their own skin (at least for 1 day). Reading, watching, listening about this is not enough you need to feel it on your own skin.

I’ve searched for a relevant video for you to show and also long enough to have time to think more about it. I think the following one reflects how life could be without water. Yes poverty and some regions on the glob could be much more disadvantaged when comes to water and you could think why they don’t just move or do something about it. I would ask “if you won’t have anywhere to move anymore ?”, “when water will become so expensive that just some of us could afford it ?” It is a real probability. When ? This depends on us, on how we can manage our assets, but for sure it’s time to start take measures. Not just the government or the responsible ones, but all of us. Decide yourself how you can make your contribution. Because we are responsible of what is really happening and what will happen, no one else is. Not our planet, not the animals, not the climate – we transformed everything to fit our commodities so we should fix it before it’s too late.

Just watch and reflect:

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