What would you do if you could change your life cycles ? Would you do it ?

Cycles are here, they form big part of our lives, some are created by us, some by society we are live in. Annual cycles, monthly cycles, temperature, season cycles all this are relevant to us. In sstrology every Planet has its own cycle.
But focus on our life, we have holidays around the same dates, we start going to school in the same time, we have weekends, birthdays, events, + anything you can think off. Cycles will let an impact every time that particular time comes again. So if you don’t like Mondays for instance and every time you put more energy in these feelings than if some day you will have free Mondays the feeling of that day will remain and you won’t enjoy it.

If you try to dig inside your life more you will discover a huge list of cycles and if you go deeper you will see connections even between your health and periods of the year, months or days.

In fact, cycles gave birth to the notion of karma. It’s not hard to evaluate the repetition of your thoughts, actions and feelings in same occasions. This creates your individuality after all, makes you unique. You should know that hard situations which you never finished or handled will come back again and again with more intensity every time, and you will just say: “This can’t happen again with me!”. Sure it can since you have to solve some older matters. Do you want to change all this ? Guess what ? You must create another kind of cyclicity, this time the one you want, the cycle of success for example.

Some people fall from a small hollow inside a chasm. Others go better and better and every time they start something comes out good. Things are working in the same manner for all of us, but since most of the people are focusing in what not to do and how bad is their life, others more open minded focus exactly on what they want, without taking steps back or sidewise. And this energy, because everything is energy, will materialize in that final desire. So if you are persistent in something (truly, not just on the surface), than events, people, everything around you will create a favorable environment to bring that desired thing to you and will bring back also old events, peoples which are similar or connected to your desire, with much more power every time. If you were thinking to someone who you didn’t saw for a long time and that person just contacts you, don’t believe is a coincidence, there is no such thing. Everything has a purpose, even chaos has its purpose and well determined role. It’s all about the law of attraction. You will get what you attract.

Changing old habits it’s not always easy but if your determination is big then you have the winning card. Take baby steps to achieve your goals, every baby step gathered will create a new life for you. See the whole picture, not the frustration of those little steps which apparently don’t guide you anywhere. Set up a limit, for example 3 months of baby steps, and don’t analyze a thing until you don’t reach the last day of these 3 months. Just do it ! Experience, play with your life and cycles, anything just don’t give up. Sometimes if you change one single element in your chain the whole result will change.

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