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I’m in dessert mood some for some weeks and I thought I will share some of the most known Italian dessert like Tiramisu. Maybe it’s not the easiest recipe to start with but sure it’s one of the most delicious ones.

I found the following video pretty easy to follow, it’s dry but simple.

In the final I thought could be useful to see some tips and comments from people who did it already. I f you have some questions you can find the answer right there. If not, just give a feedback maybe I can help.

Italian Food:How To Make Easy Individual Tiramisu Pots

"I use Kiri square cheeze instead of mascarpone."

"You omit the alcohol all together, it comes out delicious as well." (1212DD)

"It looks tastey..but i have some questions.. i don't know where can i find mascarpone cheese..coz i didn't hear about it before... what should i use instead of it??" (settoo)-Answer: "you can buy it in most supper market sainsbury,somerfields ect.. it in the cheese section in a tub its soft cheese mainly used for puddings."(laura321)

“Looks good... but here's a tip: instead of cocoa powder try adding very finely ground coffee beans. Depending on the type it gives it a nice complemetary flavor.”(Pyromaniac21)

“also ive noticed that lots of tiramisu recipes uses raw eggs and that you could get salmonella from thatso by heating the egg mixture in a double boiler, its safer to eat!am i right??"(sorakairi1993)-Answer: "You are right, cooking eggs reduces the risk from salmonella.”(MeganEMills)

“I didn't find any Lady Fingers though. So I used sponge cake instead.”(NinkaPanda)

“Leave it in the fridge for a few hours at least - overnight is even better.”(MeganEMills)

“the tiramisu i ate had sponge cake inside it and coffee powder topping.”(bubbaUK)

“they r sponge fingers that are pretty hard and you can find them in Wollies (Not sure if you guys have wootlworthes in Texas)”(12lmeganl12)
“I live in Texas too. I just found lady finger at HEB.”(b9120350)

“I found big bags of lady fingers in asian supermarket stores for about 3 dollars J”(chinhthy)

“I had a hard time finding lady fingers too, what I did was go online, and search for Italian markets and order.”(digalan12)

“can u use other cheese instead of mascarpone cream cheese maybe??”(jrl86)-Answer:” Cream cheese is quite a bit stiffer than mascarpone so the texture would be firmer. Of course it would taste different too. But I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work... Maybe it would be a bit more 'cheesecake-y'. Nothing wrong with that ;-D”(MeganEMills)

“If you cant find ladyfinger, you can used Chocolate sponge(any chocolate cakes recipes) cut into thin 1/4 inches, but you have to Brush it with Mixture of Syrup(300grams of water and 100grams of sugard add Coffee and Kalua, Brush the spongecake with that until it wet. thats the subtitute of lady finger its more yummier coz of chocolate taste.... I guarantee you coz thats how i do it..from japan”(GorgeousBeauty1)
“Hi, Tried to used Full Cream instead of White eggs, Dont Over Mixed the whipping cream coz it will be Like Butter, Mixed until it, draw a line then stop,mixed it to the mixture of Mascarpone,(you have to put the egg yolk in a double boiler so that its not raw)”(GorgeousBeauty1)

“The ladyfinger biscuits are a type of dried sponge cake cookie- it's hard to explain:/ I think you can get them in most supermarkets, and if not than in an Italian neighborhood. Sometimes they come in a round shape.” (catherineb1)

videojug ;YouTube

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