Honey – go for a healthier lifestyle !

What an amazing product. Did you know that honey has a similar composition like our blood ? That’s why our body can assimilate honey so easily providing extra energy and necessary bioactive nutrients, 435 in total.
Honey is food and medicine in the same package !
Still, every type of honey has different properties. Sure thing is that every honey is good for our health, but with some specific orientations regarding our health issues.

- honey made from wild flowers from the field: antiseptic effect;
- honey from the fruit trees: renal, intestinal and pulmonary diseases;

- linden honey: fever, headache, gastric pain, pneumonia, bronchitic asthma, anxiety, tuberculosis;
- lavender honey: cough and flu;
- acacia honey: general tonic, calmes the nerves and stomach;
- fir honey: good for respiratory system;
- wild chestnut honey: raise blood pressure;
- common chestnut honey: antimicrobial effect especially for stomach, intestine and renal diseases;
- peppermint honey: good for pain in general, anti-bleeding, tonic effect;
- sunflower honey: bronchitis and stomach illnesses.
If it’s about children, adults, pregnant women or older people, honey always is a good choice. A normal diet including honey 3 times per day normalize your digestion and blood pressure, helps you in case of many diseases since it’s a general tonic and immune system stimulator. Honey acts good even if it’s about skin disease or internal illness.
3 times per day means: 1 spoon before breakfast; another spoon 2 hours after lunch and the 3rd one after dinner. In case of gastritis or colitis it’s better to dissolve the honey in some warm water before drinking.

Honey is a real natural treasure which is not so easy to produce. A bee works really hard to produce 1 l of honey, needs between 20.000 and 100.000 flights to achieve this quantity. Fortunately a swarm of bees is big enough to produce 1 kg per day. Still it’s a lot of work, more reason to appreciate this natural labor and the final product. The quality is determined logically by the origin of the flowers so it’s closely related to environment and also to season. Without bees agriculture could die since they are responsible for 80 % of pollination in agriculture. Real treasure indeed !

How long it’s indicated to keep such a cure with honey ? In normal cases 1-2 months – 3 times daily. You can also use milk or tea with your honey if you wish.
Tip: change your daily sugar with honey for a better health condition. Honey can substitute sugar in almost anything, including cookies.

Fake or real ? This days it’s easy to be fooled by products which are not what we think they are. With honey can be the same. The best honey is the pure one without any extra treatment. For example if the honey is too liquid the most likely is thermically treated. Sometimes honey contains even sugar. First read the label. The pure honey is never too liquid or transparent and in time becomes crystallized. This is the natural process honey has the tendency to crystalize in the bottle and become hard, so don’t run if you see such a honey, this is more likely to be the real deal. And it’s very easy to make it fluid again, just warm it up in max. 40 degree water but using his original bottle. Never warm it up more than that since honey can loose its natural power.
If your intention was to buy pure honey but you’re not sure - don’t panic ! You can test your honey. Take some matches and place them in honey for a few minutes and try them. If the matches still work than your honey is authentic. I’ve just tried with my freshly bought honey and it works. Sure, use a napkin on your matches before you try since it’s needed to establish the connection.
Other methods to verify your honey:
- pour a spoon of honey in a glass of water, if goes straight by making a line than it’s natural, if dissolves than not;
- use the pick of a pen and put it into the honey, if the honey doesn’t change its color than it’s natural;
- pure honey always flows continuously, if not (in drops) than buy somewhere else next time.
No one can fool you anymore.

Since it’s late I will take my spoon of pure, freshly bought honey and go to bed.


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