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This blog wants to be really useful for you so I try to keep that even in this series. There are many, many interesting things which we don’t know, but many of them are good for general knowledge not for practical use. To have more fun I will include also some things to know which can impress your friends if not make you wiser in any way. Next to some you will find my funny or not interpretations in brackets, in case you don’t have enough fun already. Feel free to make your own. Just let your imagination fly away, keeping mind active is good for youth. So, let’s see what kind of cool, weird, freaky stuff we usually don’t know could be useful. Enjoy !

  • Ants can survive 2 weeks under water (better use insecticide);

  • Casinos is Las Vegas don’t have clocks (why to invest in something useless, now when everyone has mobiles) or maybe (to never know exactly when you lost your money);

  • the most powerful muscle in the body is the tongue (why not change French kiss with French wrestling ?);

  • every new born child has blue eyes;

  • Thomas Edison - the light bulb inventor was afraid of darknes ? (see what motivation can do with people ?);

  • Right handed persons live approximately 8 years longer than left handed (now this is freaky);

  • When someone dies the last sense which disappears is the hearing (Hey ! - you can still say goodbye);

  • Did you know that Coca Cola is a great solution to clean your car window when you have no special solution with you ? (finally I found what is good for instead of what is not);

  • Coca Cola *bonus* – to unstick papers, gums or even silicon from glass surfaces use C.C. (now I am even more content);

  • *Super bonus* Coca Cola – to unscrew an oxidized screw use a fabric after moisten it in Coca Cola (amazing);

  • Use coffee grounds to remove ugly smell from your hands like garlic, onion or maybe fish ( great news for coffee aroma lovers like myself);

  • Cities use just 2 % of the world surface but consumes 75 % of its resources (this should really make us think);

  • In L.A. are more cars than people ( am I missing something ? );

  • Married couples live longer.

    Some more detailed stuffs to know:

    Short introduction about blood types !

Why ? Because they are important like any other part of us and because today we have the right knowledge and information about how we can use blood types in our favor. Blood types can indicate personality characteristics, health prognostics and even more.
Blood type O – it’s he most ancient one and the average statistics show that who has it lives longer. Frequent health issues indicate ulcer both duodenal and stomachal. Since it’s the oldest the O diet should be a typical hunter-gathered type diet. This means high-protein and low-carb with meat, fish which can be consumed freely. What is good to avoid: dairy products, pasta, cereals, bread, rice. All are statistics and specialist recommendations, best is to personalize your diet in my opinion.
Blood type A – second like appearance, it’s known for a good resistance for infections, but weaknesses like diabities, leukemia, isquemic cardiophaty. History of the blood type indicates a farming lifestyle so the best diet is mainly with vegetables and grains, little or no meat. Is the best suited blood type for vegetarians.
Blood type B – it’s more accommodated to the new environment than the first 2 and the less pretentious to diets. They also have a good immune system. Preferences include milk and similar products, it’s the only blood type which tolerates all the lacteous products. What is good to avoid though include cereals (common with 0 ), nuts and seeds, chicken.
Blood type AB – it’s the most rare type since evolved last, just 1000 years ago. So what is best or wrong for this type, hmm – a combination between A and B logically. How to do that ? Well keep common sense in your diet and balance more to vegetarian products.

About men and
women !

  • Genetics: women have two X chromosomes and men one. How to interpret that ? Better color vision and larger peripheral visions. Also the longevity of women compared to men in civilized countries with 5-10 years was also debated like having something to do with that. Having 2 variation of the same gene type (X) they are better conserved during the aging process. Sure this sounds a reasonable explanation which we could take in consideration. Here comes also the stress factor which has a big role with morbidity and females cope better than men.

  • Vision: women have a bigger spectrum like we discussed, but men have the “tunnel vision” seeing over longer distances than glasses. Thos comes from the ancient hunter activities. Also that’s why men tend to don’t see things in front of their nose.

  • Why women are talking more ? Because they are equipped with specific areas in the brain devoted to speech in both hemispheres unlike men where the location is just in the left hemisphere. So women are naturally equipped to talk, listen and do other things in the same time when men. That’s why if you interrupt a man when he’s talking he just won’t listen. This difference makes men to listen quietly without interrupting like women do. Even if they don’t show any expression they can listen very well. They rarely use facial expressions when someone is talking.
    Also men use in average 7000 words daily and women 20000. So if a man finishes his “counting of the day” becames quite. This is more noticeable in the evening when women still have to share around 4000-5000 words. This is a normal reaction to stress also, women need to talk about their problems unlike men who don’t feel this need.

  • Ovulation: it’s very hard to predict this moment exactly, but hear this – women reacts to this period instinctively. How ? Starting to use much more make-up, shorter skirts and became more attractive than usual. Very interesting indeed.

  • Mistakes: Men hate to admit their mistakes thinking that women won’t love them as much. On the other side the contrary is true, women loves more men who admit their mistakes.

    I hope you find it useful :)

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