Predictions 2009 - Follow up part II (last 6 signs)

Home and family:
the new location of Pluto in Capricorn disturbs Libras as well, they will feel a long period of transformations, emotional involvement and tension around their home, properties, family and parents. The situation will become harder starting with November. Libra women with kids will start to spend more time with them and take quick action if anything happens. It’s an active year for all Libras.
Love and couples: very nice aspects for Libras, love, romance, passion, attractiveness, all the package included. This year you will want to focus on yourself and find your happiness and personal interest so your eyes will be wide open. Also the taste for flirts, having affairs will be more powerful then usual. Also helps that you will irradiate good vibes around which will be noticed by the opposite gender. This emotional volcano will create a good environment for many things like: nostalgia, separation and new love, unclear or unfinished situations, some frustration, old relationships coming back to life, reconciliations. Anyway you will give a lot of attention to this aspect of your life and couples issues will be in your front focus. This tends to be a longer period between February 3rd and June 6th but you will feel it during July and August as well. The hottest month will be May. Attention to all Libra women – you have a high level of fertility during 2009.
Health: you need to take care of your health, especially with old illnesses which you neglected so far. New problems could be most likely psychosomatic disorders. This because Saturn in Virgo makes you to face your weaknesses, fears, anxieties, dependencies. Be more vigilant in March and April.
Career and money: the best word to describe this sector for 2009 is “contradiction”. March and April are months to watch most. Also in the firsts months you will have opportunities to sign new contracts and start new collaborations which tend to be good for you but need supervision. Anyway contradiction will be present like I said because a part of you wants to do nothing and isolate, another part wants to risk without thinking to much. Well this year is not indicated to not think, for anyone. What should be the best advice? Do what you really love to do, where you have vocation; since inspiration, creativity and talent are the best cards of this year to succeed in any career. Make the right changes in your career or you can be forced to do it during summer.

Home and family:
everything seems ok for you here, nothing major to worry about. Investments for the house or real estates seem attractive to you and being a Scorpio this is always a major preoccupation. Just don’t forget the general tendency this year - to take more care than usual and try to be more realistic than before. Your parents and relatives are on your side this year helping you a lot, maybe your family will grow. Preoccupations with your kids are still in focus and the most agitated period is between March and April.
Love and couples: very nice aspects here also especially between April 10th – August 1st with the maximum in June. You will experience deep feelings and need for your love life and the perspectives are good, if you are alone it’s a good time to find a true partner. In June all this could go out of your control, inner passion, need to love and be loved, everything else tending to go in the background but you have Saturn here so the danger is limited. And it’s not finished, between November 8th and December 2nd you will feel another episode of emotional torments but this time in a more gently way, when romance, seduction and tenderness is more appreciated.
Health: just keep track on your excesses, first half of the year seems to be more trouble, you have a big appetite for sweeties, so take care of your blood sugar level. Medical problems could occur like: renal disorders, gynecologic problems, dermatologic signs and bad venous circulation.
Career and money: between February and May you are preoccupied about your working environment, about your determination and even comfort at work. It’s a good period to balance all this and make some changes to fit your needs, otherwise you will experiment stress. Between October 16th and June 2010 your career sector becomes turbulent and it’s for your best interest to take some measurements to fortify your position diplomatically and carefully. On the other hand your money issues finally will get better, you had a big and long transit holding you back for many years, this will be over this year and your finances will get back on track. But this year is risky for everyone to jump in any kind of investments, especially be more prudent in July and August.

Home and family:
it’s not exactly peaceful since Uranus doesn’t alowe you yet a happy quite family life. Asks for changes, new stuff but comes Saturn and doesn’t allow it. So you can feel vexed. The most vicious months are March, April and September.
Good news came from relationships with your relatives, especially with brothers or sisters. Neighbors are also good helpers.
Love and couples: magic year for you, many aspects which indicate a hunger for romance and mysterious relationships. You become like a knight who designs mystical romances with many unknown aspects about your partner. You prefer to imagine all the good things about your partner and miss the flaws. Just take care not to be taken as a full. You are extremely gallant starting with February already, but the maximum romance desire you will experience during April and May. July, September and December are also good months. Starting with second half of October your sexual appetite and desire for adventure will grow suddenly. Sagittarius women will learn to respect more their partners and could start to make big plans in the fall. Those who are single will experiment lot of things and could start a new relationship.
Health: depends if you are sick or healthy. In the first case you need to respect your medications precisely plus rest more and make some order in your lifestyle. Second category will pass 2009 without major problems. But 2009 brings stress and a lot of action which can make you tired.
Career and money: like I said before 2009 needs a lot of energy and effort. Ambitions are big so they need to be accompanied with a lot of work. Since 2008 your responsibilities grew so now you have to manage all this. The good thing is that you have the chance this year to show your potential to others and create a respected and serious image about yourself. If you manage all this stress, the results will stay next to you for a long time, so it worth it. What you need is just discipline and law keeping. Financially it’s pretty much the same thing, but you can earn big money. Only take care how you administrate them because the money could just disappear easily or you won’t manage to handle them properly.
For the Sagittarius students his year it’s not so hard, they have the chance to consolidate their made choices and see the first results.

Home and family:
warm family environment for you in this first half of the year, you will feel your family closer and this will make you happy. Sometimes these relationships can become moody but tell me in which family are not. Since everything is so nice you will want to make some changes so it’s likely to buy new art pieces or something to make your home nicer, maybe even redecorate. Maximum for these activities seems to be May.
Love and couples: your senses are very sharp now, everything around you can be detected more easily; if your relationship doesn’t work you will feel it harder, if everything is ok you will need some more salt and pepper. You want everything or nothing, compromises are not your desired choice this year. Capricorn women will be also more active than usual, this time don’t want to wait patiently for things to happen, they will act to achieve what they want, all they gave during the years (like love) they want now to be reciprocal. During the summer women will become more and more willing to act, night will represent the best time to release any inhibitions; in the fall important decisions are expected related to their partner. All this predicts changes and unexpected events. Started already in January but will be another maximum point in June-July and also in September-October.
Health: psychosomatic manifestations are very alike to occur because of frustrations and anxieties you feel more heavily now. Same like with Cancer you need more relaxation making place for your hobbies, sports, art, yoga or qigong. Take care with driving your car and keep it in shape to prevent unwanted incidents.
Career and money: you enter in a long 15 years period when money, power, ambition and control will rule. But in 2009 are the first steps oriented on study, consolidation of what you know, powering your place and status. Do this because you will be tested about it around October. Money tends to come in your direction this year, you have nice aspects which represents that. All you have to do is to manage it well, same indication like for everyone in the year of the ox, cheats, scams, risky business and questionable partnerships are the only jeopardizing factors. So be aware about what you will do with the money or you will feel the consequences at the end of this year and first months of 2010. Especially Capricorn women tend to let this year others to take care of their money something new for any Capricorn. Be aware it’s not the best things to do.

Home and family:
the traditional household issues are on second place this year for you. You prefer to go out, travel, take your kids with you but don’t stay too much at home. Your kids are also very free this year, if they don’t travel with you they could move in another city and they will be lucky in their studies. Brothers, sisters, neighbors are more close to you, in case you lost their track than big possibilities to see each other again.
Love and couples: you have a general optimistic and cheerful year so you can feel the same in your love life. Your seductive mood will be combined with desire for adventure, electrifying emotions and sexuality. You can loose your rational thinking so be aware to not find yourself married in Las Vegas after you drugged yourself heavily one night before. Rational mind need to take action and supervise what you are willing to do, just like this you can escape from some really big trouble. Aquarius women are even luckier this year, things go on the right way in many directions. In the fall use a little bit more your natural communication talent to solve many things.
Health: everything goes so well for you even here. The only indications are just about excesses, you feel so good you want to take more, even when it comes to food, so if you eat too many cookies and fat you will see the results in front of your mirror.
Career and money: again and again, good things for you, pretty much like with your love life. Career and money tend to not make any problems if you don’t become greedy and too enthusiastic to see the whole picture. Money will come and help you with your loans, use them for what you need and don’t make big investments, especially not in March, April or September.

Home and family:
you are free to do whatever, no special indications for you here. Just some intensive and stressful activities in May - June and some surprises from your kids in January (too late) and July.
Love and couples: couples are tested this year, weaknesses, not handled issues are all forced to be solved somehow. If the couple resists the tests and solve their problems than a new solid start will come. You need to evaluate not just your partner but also yourself, what is your part in this relationship, what is his/her part. You need to evaluate yourself more and accept your parts. Don’t become too critical, find more reasonable approaches. Single Pisces have their chances to experience different partners to find out what they really want. Romance is not too representative this year, so Pisces will look more after comfort and material status to feel secure. Anyway for female Pisces many things can involve travels with their partner or alone. Relationships with others can be distant until October.
Health: not the most desirable one, your level of energy and physical condition keeps small periods of time and you need to recharge your powers more often than usual. Train your body more often to resist this vulnerable times. Health issues could occur during the last trimester of this year.
Career and money: you have some tuff years behind you, now it’s time to become more practical and relaxed. Find your priorities and change everything around you to feel more comfortable and familiar in your work area. If you have many collaborations you could select the more suited ones and let go the rest. You have nice perspectives in front of you, closer every day since around 2010 and during that year you will see many fruits of your work. So now it’s the time for the first actions, consolidate what you achieved and design everything how you want it to be. Focus on ambience and security issues, keep in mind working happy and practically. Money will come to you, first half of this year especially but also later. The way money comes could be unexpected, mysterious even.

Finally finished, this was hard work.
Notice ! Of course, nothing can compare with a personalized horoscope, but the above interpretations are general influences of the Planets for the signs involved. All the aspects can be very obvious to some and less for others. Astrology can’t predict the same thing for everyone who shares a sign but can predict the tendencies which are more likely to occur.

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