Astrology - Aries


children of the zodiac, never resting, very braves and curious. They are like spring, coming to life wanting to know everything. Good friends, they will be honest with you and willing to help whenever they can. Love to be fit and make sport constantly, especially activ sports like martial arts. Heroic inside - want to save the world in a childish way, although their brave character will help them to go in front of the group.

Aries rules the head, excepting the nose who is taken by the Scorpio. So headaches can often disturb the full of fire aries. Also accidents are most likely to occur in this area, so they need some extra care every time they want to break a wall with their heads.

Aries are together with leo, sagittarius forming the fire trio. But all have different characteristic of the fire. If we take it simple aries are who start the fire - so think of them in this way. They need constantly something to burn, even if it's about calories :) . Analogies make things more understandable, and when it's about signs every symbol matters because they are really relevant. This makes easier to know the other person or yourself. Every little piece put together will help understanding the universe we are living in.

  • If you have a child borned with this sign try to keep him/her activ, sport activities will always stimulate a harmonious development physicaly and mentaly.

  • If your boyfriend/girlfriend is one of them try never do the following 2 things:
  1. put him/her on hold and/or wait
  2. make him/her bored

Always stimulate them with new activ things.

  • If you are an aries than focus on developing your inner self, learn how to focus in little things and details, don't try to rush over everything because you can miss the essence. The thing is you are rushing, even in love, even in bed, your partner will fill neglected and unsatisfied. If you think in hurry you can acieve more things and much intensity than think twice. Exploring deeper things can be a revelation for you.

P.S. My horoscopes and astrology views will be maybe different than you expect, but they reflect subtle things, proved facts which are ussually matching everyone with the specific sign. In time I will explain more about how to see and understand astrology and especially how to make it a power for yourself. Any suggestions or tips about what my futures articles should include - are more than wellcomed - to any of my posts.

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