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- a new immortal specie of medusa ( Turritopsis Nutricula) originally from the carabeans can grow youg again after every cycle of reproduction and matturitty; these species start to invade our oceans since they don’t die;

- we could have a very orriginal based fuel in the future – the germ fuel – the gearms responsible of eating our leftovers from the garbage can generatte metan gas and hydrogen which burned can provide electricity or fuel for our cars;

- water pomp fueled by children created energy: a merry-go-round called Playpump connected to a water pomp can extract from the earth 1400 l of water per hour if the children are in action – this is a great solution for 3rd world countries and not only – now is already in use in 1000 schools around South Africa;

- new + cheap + ecologic = light bulb with 60 years potential functionality was invented by Cambridge scientists – costs 2,88 euro (around 4 $) – this ingenious light bulb can reduce your energy costs with 75 % (3 times more efficient than the actual energy savers) – we can expect them on the shelves in 2 years (first in England);

- the well known dung beetle (Deltochilum valgum) once known for his excrement eating ways now become a full time predator eating especially live or dead millipedes;

- the Wilkins glacier which once was 16.000 sqm large now it’s about to detach. Now is big as Connecticut or Jamaica and scientists expect to detach any moment;

- Alberta and California University says that our sport abilities are directly proportional with the length of our fingers, so it’s influenced implicitly by pregnancy.

Other useful things to know:

- if you place a brick inside your toilet reservoir you reduce the consume between 15-40 % (around 2 liters per splashing);
- if you wash your own dishes and give your dishwasher a rest you reduce the consume with 37 % per year, an if you don’t let the water running continually when washing dishes or your car you could save up to 68000 l per year.

- a PC let overnight consumes like a laser printer when printing 800 A4 pages;
- 1 energy saver light bulb in every household from Great Britain could save enough energy to supply 3 million households for 1 year;
- your washing machine consumes with 1/3 less if washes with 40 degrees instead of 60;
- your mobile charger consumes 50 % electricity on nothing if you let it plugged when you’re not charging your phone.

- a normal car produces 3 tones of carbon dioxide per year;
- in heavy traffic inside your car is 2-3 times more pollution then outside.

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