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This is a tuff cookie. Rules by The Earth Element among with Cancer and Capricorn. If we analyse signs after elements we can find nicely distinguished characteristics like we discussed about the fire representation (Aries).
Earth means stability and attraction to roots, stabile and secure things. Taurus, Cancer or Virgin - are indeed very planted signs but in a different way. Taurus peopla understands in stability their possessions, including here their partners as well. Yes they are one of the most possessive and jealous signs. This because many times they are materialists taking their life pursuit which is the emotional and financial security.
"A poor Taurus is an unhappy one."
Taurus just loves luxury, like Leo - but in a different way. While Taurus just loves to know that posseses expensive values which make him proud, Leo loves luxury which shines also and makes others know about it. Taurus doesn’t care about this - he just wanna know for himself that has stabile, more traditional thing, like an expensive watch or a painting. Also quality product means something nice to the eye since Taurus people are ruled by Venus, so their good sense of beauty makes them a good candidate for an art critic. Same with shoes, Taurus will be that kind of very elegant business man who wears robust square type of shoes and will decorate his office with many earth meaning stuff: like big intimidating office table or chair.
If we talk about business its’ a very useful information for you to know how to prepare before you have a business meeting with a Taurus and especially if it’s your first time or "that big presentation moment". This type of person is really affected by the first appearance, and can judge someone after their clothes - for good. For the comparison sake Gemini care less about this issue and if someone proposes business to them in jeans or even summer wearing they won’t be affected by this. But not the Taurus, even if they don’t want to admit it they put etiquettes on your head instantly.
So if you enter in his office for the first time and your outfit it’s not well suited he won’t take you seriously and maybe never will. This because they are a very stubborn sign, they change their impression hard since their mind is set in a way that what you show outside reflects what you have inside. Don’t take me wrong, they are not at all superficial; oh no, but they need the security feeling and for this they need to recognize well determined categories which are fitting in their description. They are hard to change, not so hard like Capricorn, but it’s a fact which varies together with their stubbornness level. So for the Taurian the inappropriate outfit signalize something unreliable which they can’t trust much. And for the more vain Taurus type this is just a sign of the unworthy, they can wear their nose up if they consider you are not an equal.
So be aware of their own style of judging to can act accordingly.
The good news is that because of their reliability if you catch a Taurus like business partner or life partner will be much harder to loose him like this could happen with other signs. If they commit to something than it’s a real thing, that’s why it’s harder to make them from the first place to say yes. They need to see the whole picture from their perspective, the long time perspectives before will go into something.

They are very good friends. Like friends they have a good humor, sometimes ironical, like to entertain and food lovers ( eat and cook equally). But when comes to cooking their Taurian character comes to life again and demands a high class meal, counting how the food looks like, not just how’s it taste.
Tip: if you want to impress a Taurus - prepare a sumptuous dinner with many attractive dishes like in a 5 star restaurant and you will definitely have some extra points.

Like partners they are the type who if commits don’t wanna go back, so for them divorce is the last alternative, trust me you need to do many evil things to determine one to take this decision, and even so it’s more likely that you will do it. This is a family individual, if committed than enjoys marriage and is proud of his family status. Well, since this is also an aspect of stability it’s easy to deduct already. ! So the best advice if thinking to commit with a Taurus is to love him/her enough to be a lifetime partner. Because if things go wrong this sign can really hate you for life. Just because they dedicate themselves and also are passionate in love - so the same goes with hate. Will be hard to make them see it was their fault if it’s the case. And if you are patient enough you can solve any problems before comes to hatred. In bed is the same issue, very powerful, dedicated partners, and men often have something extra if you know what I mean. The Taurus women have a natural beauty and like to be in the center of attention and flirt time to time; sure until they find the real one.
A short synthesis: they are good and fair bosses, know how to value their families and others as well as long time partnerships. They will always stick next to their partners in problems, won’t run away. Just in case are very hurt.

Health: they have a good vital energy, but are sensible in the neck area, vocal cords, tonsils, larynx. Taking their good appetite many times can eat too much and this tendency comes with overweight and diabetes. Also many of their health problems come directly associated with material status, so situations involving financial insecurity can affect their health.
They are not the best sportive type but enjoy more static sports like: fitness, dancing, aerobic, yoga, bowling.

Compatibility: fitting good with the other earth sings (Capricorn and Virgin) but I would agree more with Virgin since Taurus - Capricorn could be a very interesting combination, too much earth and fix thinking (both also leader types) to create a nice balanced relationship. Virgin can be easier to be ruled by Taurus compared to a Capricorn. Same goes with the water signs (cancer, scorpion and fish). Goes not too well with Gemini (just in business) like with the other air signs (Libra and Aquarius). For marriage Scorpion could be a good choice.

Representative Taurus (the order doesn’t matter) in my opinion are : Valentino Garavani, Salvador Dali, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin James, Burt Young, Katharine Hepburn, Candice Bergen, Gary Cooper, Shirley MacLaine, Harvey Keitel, Pierce Brosnan, Bono, Madeleine Albright, Evita Peron, Tony Blair …

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