Color series - White

In fact white is not a color, it’s a non-color – the absolute light which means the combination of every existing color, on the opposite site being the black color which represents the absence of any light.
But for the sake of our article let’s consider it a color shall we ?
What do we know about white ? That it’s the purest color having a relaxing, refreshing effect. Ok, let’s develop a bit. Don’t forget that there are different kind of white, nature white, artificial white, electrifying, hospital white. Some white can be even depressing. We will consider the natural white (existing in nature).
Any color can be associated with personality, we all have favorite colors and all this have a meaning. For instance those who prefer white are usually nice, innocent persons. They like things to be simple and find in anything around something to enjoy in their inner self. What they don’t like are all kind of stressful situations, complications, things hard to handle. So instead of jumping in a conflict they will prefer to avoid it and walk away, but with dignity.
Special characteristics: diplomacy and inner power. A person who prefers white can be seen like a mature person who can see the difference between surface and inside; knows human beings and it’s hard to be fooled by them.

Therapy with white color – in the past colors where used widely to treat health problems. China, India where the first adopting this treatment method called chromotherapy. And if we think that colors represent something visual and all of us leave in a visual world than it’s easy to notice the connection.
Health issues: rheumatic pains, generally for older people since white color is the symbol of youth and eternal beauty. White will relax and calm an active mind.
One of the most easy way and also effective to use white for your health is to wear white clothes. If you don’t look good in white or for whatever other reason you may decide to not be seen like this you can choose to wear under your clothes white lingerie - clothes which are connected to your skin are even more effective since they became active exactly where is needed. The same rule will apply to any other color (we will discuss them all).
Consider also your preferences in colors before starting using them for your health. For instance if you do not like white color don’t try to treat yourself with it, could cause you exactly the opposite effect like sadness or even anger.
Our body knows naturally what is best for it if you are capable to listen. Intuition, preferences are all signs in this direction. So if you like white use it for your benefit. And don’t forget use a natural white, not that artificial metallic white you can find in hospitals or even in some houses.

White in interior design and decorations
This is a well known trick between interior designers and decorators – white will make the magic when everything else fails. Why ? Because white goes with everything, any other color, furniture pieces, and it’s easy to be accepted by the eye. And because will reflect the light, so will give always the impression of a bigger space that really is. That’s why if you have a small room a white color will be the perfect choice. Sure we discussed about how different white can be, so choose the tone according to what you want to achieve. If your space wants to be modern or classic doesn’t matter to our friendly white. For homes is recommended to choose a warmer white tone going to yellow, meanwhile if you want a sterile environment you will choose the blue white tone, although I would not recommend this at home, makes it too impersonal. If you want to go on modern than choose a grey white tone.

Observation: try to avoid fully white bedroom – white is very “yang” (full of life) and bedroom is the only one place in the house where the yin-yang balance need to be directed to more yin. What this means in simple terms is that you won’t find your rest or a good sleep in your too yang bedroom.

About white furniture: less is always more, too much white can be elegant but boring, so choose wisely. Put a nice white sofa (if your children and pets allows you to) or coffee table, pillows, picture frames - this will give a nice touch to your room and white walls. Don’t forget to infiltrate some other colors in the environment, you can choose another color for your wall to cheer up your white one (never more than 3 dominant colors in 1 room). Plants are always welcomed, the green of the plant will rock together with your white, this contrast is one of the best between any other color-plant schemes.

So cheer up and put your white friend in action !

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