Scientology ?

I would say choosing a different way for yourself can be dangerous since everytime when hard times come people are willing to embrace something new, change or redirect their lives. But decision made in a crisis situation is not always the best one. Like when we change our president or party just because has a different name. Change surely is a good thing, but when you don’t have the right alternatives ? Or in case are so few that you’re looking to the most popular one. And frankly I didn’t care about Scientology too much, but lately intersects my eyes too many times not to try dig deeper and find out more.

I was a Nip Tuck follower to be honest and my only infos sticked to my brain where that Kimber screwed up completely Matt’s head with her obsession for Scientology and manage to take his money (better said Sean’s) and after did the same to the whole family. So it’s just a movie, but no smoke without fire. Second alarm in my head was about how every woman around Tom Cruise (who I admit it's a good actor) just suddenly transforms under his authority. So since the name “Scientology” haunted my steps lately I took the decision to investigate the issue. I don’t own the absolute truth, but I have a voice and a viewpoint which I can share like all of you. Let’s see what I found.

No one is very sure if it’s a cult, sect or a church. But what seams more important than that is if you enter inside this "church" you are asked to put all your possesions in the hand of the organization. For me this only is an alarm. Yes it’s not the only “cult” which request this, same goes with the mormons and some by the way can be good in business like the Marriott chain shows – but this is not the subject here. If we think well all the churches want money, but at least they don’t request it all, depends if it’s about baptism, funeral, wedding or how big your sin is. I’m wondering how much my sin is costing lately ?
There are many rumors, discussions, books and websites around Scientology. A lot of material to document, anyway also a real mistery about what is really true and what not.

Thing is Scientology goes well with the belief in extraterestrial life.
Once upon a time, more exactly 75 million years ago existed an intergalactic confederation ruled by Xenu. This guy, "God",dictator or whatever had a problem with the big number of the extraterestrials which overpopulated the planets, so he took them and sent them exactly here on Earth where he encapsulated them inside volcanos and killed them using hydrogen bombs. And their spirit remained today under the name Thetans, whose remaining spirits can harm us. So Scientology comes to save us from these malefic spirits using initiation methods as well as all our money donations.
The founder was Ron Hubbard, imagine who – not less than a science fiction second hand writer who had a very healthy theory. He said: “The best way to make money is to create a church !”. Indeed I happen to agree with him, when something involves people's beliefs that something can do everything with those people. The beliefs of people are something sacred, very hard to change or play with. So after he realized what he just said put it in practice. It’s hard to know what is more in this story since many of whom knew his thinking became his follower. Who knows, maybe they had shares, or Hubbard was really gifted with the power of speech and manipulation. Maybe all of it it’s true, maybe not. But like I said “no smoke without fire”.

One thing I know, everything involving money and belief it’s a powerful machine. And this “church” have both. Lately they want more and more, invaded Europe since America doesn’t provide enough and like in any place they find people who are confused and not happy and want more – so with the right words and a good branding they can show their "power" directly in those people’s minds. Every one of us has that weak moment, celebrities too – and Scientology surely use that. Their logo is that everything can be solved if you become an adept. Well for one thing, I don’t need to worry anymore for my money if I have any, they will take care of it – so I must agree with them, since money problems are in top this days. Ok, France has some fraud actions against it and in Germany is considered dangerous, but this doesn’t help too much for those who can be brainwashed easily. Another rumor is that the first initiation is a real hypnosis which implants your new believes like they are your own. Well this can make things easier for sure.
Lately also the death of Travolta's son became a controversial subject which frankly made me sad. I just love Travolta like actor, especially his older movies are something which I could see again and again with lot of joy. Being a pilot made me respect him even more, and now this scientology bullshit ? I don’t know, I am really disappointed.
Power is money and this church sure has it since you can’t just be a member, and especially can’t advance to the next level without a lot of them. Show me homeless scientologists ? Their power was showed also when could interfere in canceling an episode of “South Park” – the reason was the ironical approach of Tom Cruise being a Scientologist. How is that possible ? Because they are very well organized, not just with the money issues but also with serious documentations since all members have their complex file about everything they did and eat for dinner. So if someone would decide to leave I can’t feel just sorry for that person.
Personally I don’t have any problem with any kind of religion, like you out there I have my personal believes. But I recommend to everyone who wants to join a no way back road, to spend some time documenting first from many sources, books whatever until their image is complex, than if they find it’s what they want than go ahead. But do nothing just because you had an impulse, a bad moment in life and someone comes and tells you everything you wanna hear. This is all I could ask.

Finally a short video about the most famous scientologist today - no one else but Tom Cruise. Watch this video, it’s a good material for those who knows some NLP and/or can read body language.

Or maybe you want to check this out also: L.Ron Hubbard’s 5 most impressive lies (besides Scientology)

Are you a scientologist ? Write your story to can understand it better. You are not a scientologist ? Than let your opinion be heard. Enlighten me :)

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