Predictions 2009 - Follow up part I (first 6 signs)

To show appreciation to my readers who placed Predictions 2009 in top I decided to write this follow up article, this time for all 12 zodiac signs.
I will split this article in 2 (each with 6 signs) since the second part it’s still not finished.

Home and family: interesting year with many changes at the horizon. There will be 4 eclipses of the Moon this year and for the Aries the moon takes action in their family life and home. So it’s recommended to take more care about their possessions, real estates, any kind of goods and don’t forget their parents.
Love and couples: Venus will give Aries many opportunities and also hard times in this area. So if you are an Aries you will feel many challenges in your love life with unfinished relationships or old ones coming back. Sometimes you can face frustrations and insecure decisions which you may change often. All this is possible between February 3rd and June 6th whit maximum between March 6th – April 17th . So during the last mentioned interval try to not make any important decisions regarding your partner, I mean breaking or starting new relationships.
Your passion and erotic side will challenge you between 24 April – 31 May affecting even all June and less July.
Another small interval of this passionate you will be revealed on the second part of October, but after October 29 you will calm down becoming much serious, could even feel some depression or sadness.
Health: not the best year for your health but don’t worry. Just be more careful between March 15th and April 22nd. Also keep an eye on the second and third decades in January, May and September.
Money and career: Financially you won’t have too many changes, but in career many things can happen, mostly positive ones, your guardians indicate a lot of work but for big goals, all this preoccupation will bring you influential people who can help you and promote you in your progress. Everything about collaborations, power, institutions, politics, popularity, protectors and followers will play a role in your life. Anyway your career and position in society will become more and more important for you, this will be a long cycle until 2023. So use your possibilities in this starting year.

Home and family: in your household are possible changes like renovation or any kind of renewals during January – February and July – August. Not the best relationships with your brother/sisters and neighbors, this could somehow change. If you had some problems with your kids in any way than all this will end or becomes much easier after November.
Love and couples: until June your love life is not the best one, illusions, disillusions, dependencies, renunciation, or just lake of doing anything. Don’t be hurt since June will come in force and brings everything you were missing. June and August will be more common, relaxing maybe, but September puts your sensuality in place. If you are between those who felt a lake of passion and emotions in the last years than you experienced a heavier transit of Saturn which will be over in this October so finally you regain your losses in this area.
Health: first half of 2009 makes you tired and without energy. You just need more rest then usual, you could try to learn some relaxation techniques and focus more on your balance, could be a good period to let go some bad habits. In the second half of 2009 the best thing to do is making some more sport and raise your immunity level, this will prevent some bad aspects from Saturn around October 29.
Money and career: this is your best sector this year, your best hopes could be accomplished now. For those who didn’t find their way in life yet it’s also a great year to do so, their future could be revealed. All you need to profit fully from this year is to make decisions with your head, don’t embrace fanciful goals or sign contracts without clear mind. Rules the general interpretation for this year, meaning play with the law and not against it, work for what you want to achieve and don’t expect miracles. Very promising investments or scams are the only things which can ruin your high career and financial expectancies this year.

Home and family:
big responsibilities for you, especially concerning one of your parents, maybe you need to take care of one of them, to solve an apartment or house issue, or to be involved in a long time project like constructing a house.
All this household priorities could interfere with your professional life and feel a little bit overwhelmed. Take it like an advantage, if you focus on being patient and consistent in what you’re doing now it’s the time to create a perfect balance between your family and your profession.
Love and couples: it’s not bad; you have a nice conjunction this year which can amplify your spiritual need or determination to know more about your inner self. This preoccupation will bring you new opportunities you didn’t know about and a special need to share your new knowledge with your partner. You can create a nice balance in your life and could change the way of seeing life in general. Involving your partner in your interests with patients it’s the best way to take advantage of this year. Discovering new possibilities and more things about yourself can be challenging and confusing so the only warning is to let this confusions go away and don’t interfere with your personal life.
Health: nothing special or worth to worry about, so relax. Only take care of your stress level especially during April – August period.
Money and career: are you a blogger ? - could be a good year for you since everything regarding author activities, conceptions of articles, research, study, knowledge, culture, vision and inspiration is the best thing for you to do. Your intellect is the best ally this year and for a typical Gemini it’s a very good thing. If you want to change completely your career though it’s not the best moment now, could be a slight start but with no finalizations and if this happens maybe it’s not in your best interest. So stick to what you’re doing now but applying what you read above.
Travels and relationships with strangers are under good aspects.
Your financial motivational level reaches high expectancies. It’s ok, but since for everyone this year is recommended prudence you can consider yourself among.
First half of this year you are your best friend and it’s good to rely on your own powers because others seems to be inconsistent in their helping actions which could put your goals in jeopardy.

Home and family:
your family has different visions about household concerning matters than you have. This can create some dispute and put your plans on hold. Maybe it’s a good idea to sit back and don’t take big decisions this year. Same goes with properties and new investments, better do just small reparations and changes than buying a new property or invest in real estate of any kind. It’s the year of prudence for you regarding home and family.
Love and couples: you’re entering also in a new era until 2023 of personal magnetism and intense relationships. You are willing to jump in passional relationships which can burn your senses, ultimately these could transform in manipulation, jealousy and destruction. Things are changing around you, or the relationships themselves or yourself by them. You could feel frustrated and tense this year so you will keep on searching new things if the old ones seem unworthy for you. Best way to handle this many aspects is to use reason and diplomacy. Try to give yourself moments to be alone and reflect on what is really happening to achieve the most desirable results.
Health: Prudence with your health, don’t push yourself too far. If you know which are your weak points concerning your health than just respect those and don’t try to force. Allow yourself to take more care about your health and treat your body seriously. It’s best to keep your car in best shape during this year and also take your driving seriously. This year it’s not good to take risks.
Career and money: you are ruled more about the money than your name and career aspects. And you know what ? You have many reasons to be like this, since money can come to you more easily this year, directly or through collateral sources. For you changes are welcomed this year (compared to other signs) so you could change your career and even specialization with good success on the way. But like for everyone else avoid scamming or any illegal methods. Also be aware of not so honest business partners who can really put you in jeopardy.

Home and family: until October is unlikely you are too much involved in household projects, your interests are outside. Just between March and April due to some financial changes you could be more involved. Anyway your priorities will change after October 16th when your house and family will take a big part of your life again, all way to June 2010.
Love and couples: great prospects for you here, since January 5th - temptations, possibilities come in your way and make you very effusive. Doesn’t matter if you are alone or not because both situations have good perspectives if you are a leo. For singles this is that time for the big opportunity to find your half. This can come from far or be close to you, doesn’t matter anything is possible. If you are in a couple you will feel how your relationship goes in the right direction, travels or any kind of common activities can bring you 2 even closer. And for those who have a restrictive or bad relationship this year brings the opportunity to set free. So all of you have a winning situation. The only precaution should be taken by those who were born after August 12th. They could be deceived easily.
Health: avoid excesses and risky activities, do more sport and adopt a less vicious lifestyle. The eclipses could cause some problems so best advice to consult a doctor when any kind of symptoms appear.
Career and money: you are in a lucky situation concerning your relationships with other colleagues, partners, new collaborators. You will develop many partnerships, others will see you through an appreciative eye, so you have a winner situation in competitions and arguments. You could sign very profitable contracts as well. Although you will have a tensed environment at work, focus and performance desire will be at the maximum. All this shows good career perspectives but the money issues are more sensitive ones. Loans are higher, money easily come and go, you need to make more efforts to balance your financials so maybe you need to accept some harder jobs. Advice is to not invest and don’t take more credits.

Home and family: good perspectives for you, although many responsibilities on your head you handle it well and easily. Your aunts and uncles are a big help this year and your children’s life is much better. It’s a great year for gardening, household activities like cooking, taking care of pets and any kind of utilitarian work.
Love and couples: like with cancer sign you will have many transformations, discover your passion, sexuality, experiencing more and feed senses. Also it’s possible a reorientation to more spiritual ways. You will evaluate everything about your relationship, about the future next to your partner, your personal freedom. The only stopper will be your fear of new things but your inner self will want something new and fresh. The most intense and overwhelming periods are between January and April, less between August and September. If you will find a new love in 2009 this will be deceiving or hard to handle, but full of experience and passion.
Health: be happy you will have a great year regarding your health and physical condition, much better than the year before. Just don’t do excesses and be careful if you have any kind of illness including the word hyper (ex.: hypertension).
Career and money: your professional life will bring you the biggest satisfactions this year. You are so dedicated with your work in 2009 that you will work efficiently, a lot and with good results. The best part is that you will do it with a lot of pleasure. Also new job or second job offers can appear including promotions. Even the money issues are good for you, extra cash, good investments, bonuses, gifts can come to you especially in the first half of this year. Just take care about what you will do with all this because prudence is indicated to you as well. But, hey you will have a great year.

For the rest 6 signs check back tomorrow.



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