Chinese New Year 2009 - Predictions !

I propose a good weekend reading for all of you since "the year of the earth ox" will arrive soon - on January 26th. The general meaning has many things in common with the Taurus sign which will be by the way my next post inside the astrology section. Until than I prepared general infos concerning all of you.
After the Chinese Horoscope the year of the ox means mainly discipline, a lot of work and obedience. Keeping this 3 principles you can achieve the best of this year which will meet its end in February 13th 2010.

2009 will hit the lazy, no concessions !

Yep, true this will be the year for all of you who work hard for your living on a daily basis. No favors for those who want to cheat, win at lotto or just steal others work. You need to work for what you want. For all the honest people in this world it’s a good news, for the rest a funeral. In this full crisis we are living now we can predict that many heads will fall and change too. Will be a very interesting year to watch I must say. Uranus opposition Saturn is a hard lesson giver so we can expect heavy stuffs on our shoulders and the society we are living. Mainly this big aspect will be responsible of the turbulences produced this year. We don’t want either Saturn or Uranus too active but when they unite their energies in opposition than is even harder to take. But I always see the optimistic side so I see the opportunity of those who never had it before. And who wants bad news anyway ? I surely don’t. Bad news just take our wings away, so if something I write below it’s not what you expected just transform it to fit with you in a positive way, please. It’s an year for those honest people who share a good ideal of their life and others, who are passionate with what they’re doing, who respect and appreciate what life gave. So they deserve more in my eyes and now they will have that real moment.

Ox represent also impulse, fire, anger, disputes, arguments. The climate will continue its change and temperature will grow higher, except of the northern countries were we will experience the opposite like in Great Britain, Canada for example. But also we will see some good achievements in the fight against global warming. We will have unfortunately potential earthquakes as well, but for a long time perspective this has the purpose to discover in the future until 2023 some new natural reserves which we never knew they exist.

The political surroundings won’t change too much and will be hard for politicians to restore their heritage. Anyway Barack Obama as well as Nicolas Sarkozy are more “yin” personalities which means they prefer pace instead of war. But not everything depends on the front men. So this year Obama won’t be able to achieve much, more likely just to install his government.

About busines sector. Fraud and any illegal methods will be growing like usual and even more since all that happened recently, but this is not the winner method this year, so all who didn’t took measurements in consistency, cash flow, clients follow up can suffer badly. If you are between the honest citizens just take care not to trust your values on others hand who are questionable or too new on the market. Traditional values and small steps takers are a much better choice even if they’re not so popular. Sectors which involve wood are under favorable position, I will mention here: media, advertising, maps, energy, fashion, aerial transport. Smart people and innovator personalities and even those with ultra-progressive ideas have more chances to succeed if they respect the rules.
Since many will try to resist to such a tense environment - conflicts are possible to occur and unfortunately the military sector could do well this year. I just wish a world where military is a forgotten concept, really. This indicators show also that the US dollar could gain market again in some occasions compared to other currencies.

Important dates to watch out!

  • Most relaxed period of this year will be between April 9th- July 23th, but especially after October 30th to the end of this year when the connection between Uranus and Saturn is less stable.
  • Be aware of the following 2 dates when the 2 planet mentioned are perfectly connected during this year: February 6th and September 16th.
  • February 13th- 24th – major events will happen around the globe, could be in many sectors from science to cinema with many breaking news to watch out. This is a good but short period for Gemini and Libra.
  • March 7th – April 17th : emotions and creativity are affected when revenge, instability, impulses and bad investments are likely to occur.
  • Until September – bad carrier choices for many, including those who try figuring out which university to take.
  • Before May 18th – real estates, new constructions and agriculture won’t stay better, these sectors are seriously challenged since end of 2007; if you need to start something in this fields try to wait until at least May 18th.
  • Many chidren borning in 2009 will become a pioneer in the future in fields are not known today.

    ! A brief conclusion of 2009 - you just need to work hard and be honest this year. Also put your patients in place, patients will give you that extra in front of others. Visualize consciously that you need to keep persistency in your work and be patient for the fruits !

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