Worldwide customs - Quick guide to prevent mistakes - Asia (I)

Good for business
I will dedicate some space to share with you worldwide customs, helpful for anyone who wants to go abroad or wants to settle a business. Since business meetings are an actual interests today and many of them take place abroad I will focus on tips concerning this matter, but not only. I’ve split my article by continents to can be followed easily. Writing just a phrase about a country to make the article short it’s just not my style, you can’t learn too much this way. In my first post I open the knowledge about Asian countries mentioning that countries like India, China and Japan (in this order) will have their individual post with specific negotiation techniques and methods. It was hard to figure out how to split all the info I wanna share with you, so I’m hoping I found the best way.
Note: if I let out some of the countries on the way please forgive me, I tried my own interest list. If you want countries not showed on the list please make a request and I promise to include it in future post. Also this will be my last post for a couple of days since I’m gonne travel starting tomorrow.


Koreans are very competitive and they hardly accept the second place so will always try to negotiate extra advantages, they are very agile and like to promise what you wanna hear which not always becomes reality. If they want to let you out from the business they will use any methods to create that business environment which makes you to retreat. The conversations are very dynamic and when they talk about serious matters became also very serious with some dark humor spread around. They know how to listen but can give the impression that they already know what you want to say. They love long time exclusivity, but they won’t stick to that contract if find something better. When they want to buy - the most important issue is the money; if they sell than the quality of the products depends on other bigger contracts which they could have. So it’s not the easiest to have Korean business partners. All this because history showed them just the first place is acceptable, second place means loosing.
Koreans are very traditionalists. Don’t like to be touched, in business meetings could handshake you + make a bow, but that’s it. The older person will make the presentations, first this is the custom. Punctuality is not the main issue like with Chinese or Japanese. They use titles instead of names so don’t call them on their first name.
Eating habits: they like to serve their guests, they sip the soup and belch after eating sign that the food was good.
Never make comparisons between them and Chinese and especially not with Japanese. Listen to them, embrace their thoughts, make jokes when you can but always be firm since they don’t respect weak people.


Here depends whom you’re talking to, the population is very divers so need to know where that person belongs. Singapore has many Chinese influences for instance. It’s indicated not to mention religion since it’s a sensitive issue and you could find yourself in a huge polemic. Always is good to show you are equal to them and give respect to what they achieved in their economy and social status. Be wise and disciplined, extravagance is not seen nicely here. It’s good to learn some words in their language: Chinese Mandarin, Malay and Tamin.


They respect hierarchy and calm people. Don’t be too direct if you can hurt the person. They are in majority Buddhist and respect this way of life. If you are angry try to not show it. They don’t show their personal problems or just a little of them and use smile to hide their problems. The good image and sometimes hypocrisy is accepted. They don’t like changes and competition, prefer to work a little for small money instead a lot for big money. Business is good to discus after working hours and don’t take decisions or make contracts on the first day, try to develop slowly a good relationship first. Giggles show many times that they hide something or want to ask for more. They don’t like to put anyone in a bad situation so the decisions are made accordingly.
Important: be social, nice, slow, insist on their independency, learn some elements about Buddhism, respect monarchy, time is cycle and be decently dressed.


They are really different compared to any East Asian country. More opened, accept foreigners and act like Latinos, especially when they are talking. They are very independent but respect also hierarchy depending on age, family status and position, also study level. Latin style is also showed in their time keeping, it’s good to ask what they meant when set up a meeting, Philippians time or American time, if it’s Philippians then 1-2 hours more it’s acceptable. Also they prefer to let things on the next day. Many of them talks English, the Philippines has the second-largest English speaking population in the world. Love to talk a lot and keep long sessions, but they are not so exuberant like Latinos. They can also listen well. Love warm hearted but modest people. They like to be respected and especially after their age and status – keep this in meetings. More personal issues can be discussed and they will listen. Since fatalism is between their beliefs many times you will hear the expression “bahala na” (whatever will be will be). If they lower their head the answer will be mostly “no”, if they say yes they could thing negatively about the issue involved. If they raise their heads and eyebrows on the other hand they mean yes. Love to party, music, dance and eat well, men call waiters with “ssss” and women use their fan. Don’t be critic about their government, religion, bureaucracy. Accept gifts and flowers but usually they refuse 2 times before accepting any gift. Be compassionate, interested in how they are and show respect to titles and status. Show also professionalism because they expect that from strangers.


They believe in heredity and feudal hierarchy. They work usually in groups but they don’t like touches too much. Prefer doing things the next day also. They are more expansive than Chinese, Koreans or Japanese and still believe in communication. The southern ones are more opened and honest. They love poetry. They have many French influences, love frankness in the discussion having good communication skills. They have a tendency to be suspicious to any stranger at first, including Chinese and Japanese, although they are polite they won’t let too much from them. They prefer ASEAN members like a contra choice for the Chinese power. They respect age as well like most of Asian countries. They have a heavy history and you need to keep this in mind, they are proud and don’t like to be humiliated of any kind. Reputation and respect are keywords. They know when it’s time to give up so be fair with them and they will show a good common sense.


The biggest Islamic country formed by 13 000 islands. It’s a very poor country but with many values, here women are differently treated alike in most of the Islamic countries, have freedom and rights. Here the family is the most important thing. Although they accept polygamy rarely will use it. They are friendly and hospitable. They are not interested too much in status, money or profit. Like we saw before hierarchy is important here as well. Common goals in groups have much bigger value than individual ones. Age, work history and military rang creates their status. Punctuality is not so important here, 1-2 hours in plus it’s acceptable since they perceive the time like something extensible. They avoid conflicts in any discussion, talk a lot like many Asians but on a low tone without showing their emotions too much. They tend to tell you what you want to hear even if they don’t know the answer. They will never tell you if they didn’t understood your proposals. A normal discussion could be very long and boring but for them is normal. Need to keep in mind that everything needs time and is negotiable. They are very opened touching others unlike to any other Asian country, but respect the head area. That’s why they won’t raise their heads over a superior one keeping it inclined many times. Be nicely dressed and more traditional. Don’t keep your hands on your hip since this means aggressiveness. They use always the right hand or both to give or receive something. Like any Muslim they don’t eat pork, don’t drink alcohol. Don’t be too personal.
Eating habits: never eat everything from your plate. Respect them and don’t talk about sensitive issues like religion or corruption, even if they accept bribe.


The second islamic country of Asia. Family again is a very important issue, everything is around that and they encourage long term and stable family relationships. Love for children is something very powerfull. Respect, politeness and kindness are a must. A person who make many compromises in his life is most respected. They don’t care too much becoming rich, in the past malaysina peasant were prohibited to have fortunes. They are fatalist accrding to their religion and believe that every person is from essence good. They are motivated to finish the job than having money. They believe in their superior and don’t expect promotions, when they deserve it are sure the boss will take care of them. In any business meeting they prefer ierachi delimitations and kind salutation. They will use both hands and the handshake is kind – after they bring their hands to their heart sign of respect “ I salut you from all my heart”
The women use "salaam salutation" inclining to earth level. They never use the index to show something, rather they use the big finger with all the rest closed. They are enthusiastic about industrial and technological developments, especially the young ones.

What seem to share Islamic and other Asian countries ?

- the family is always important;
- no direct confrontation, harmony is always good for business and personal life;
- the society is based on hierarchy, age, years worked in that business, culture;
- good manners, respect, protocol and etiquette is always a must;
- every discussion is full of different subjects to avoid direct confrontations;
- compromising reputation is very serious issue;
- working in groups is always better than individual goals.


- Muslims are not so interested in moneys and high goals;
- they have their Muslim believes and habits: no pork, no alcohol;
- Muslims are less punctual than Chinese, Japanese, Koreans.

Now for the final let’s learn with fun. A short caricature tale about an Indonesian in America, to see better the differences. Instead of the Indonesian could be another Asian but let’s stick to our first version.

An Indonesian goes in America to negotiate a business and arrives directly from the airport to a dinner meeting, completely big headed after the flight. Recovering from a tuff handshake needs to drink some Martini, than red wine (against his will), eat a huge steak and go to bed. Next morning our Indonesian has a huge hangover but he respects the ridiculously fixed meeting at 9 o’clock. Another handshakes from some huge Americans and in 2 minutes, next to a Starbucks tasteless coffee served in plastic cup he founds himself in the middle of the business negotiation and he’s called on his first name, what a manner. His carefully prepared 10 minute speech which meant to relax the atmosphere and make both parts feel better become history. The whole meeting is too short and aggressive for his style and needs to answer many times with “yes” and “no” before his pencils had time to arrive on the table. The Americans just continue on and on with some weird demonstrative positions with crossed legs showing him their shoe sole. When he refuses politely according to his style some of the Americans proposal, with half his mouth open they take it as a yes and continue with more proposals. Sometimes they behave with him very tuff, than suddenly very kindly, changing their tactics all over again making him stare and swallow. For him they seem attacking a lot than making quick concessions every time they were caught in their way. For him this shows they don’t care about their reputation. Finally when he starts to wake up, his mind is full of thoughts and questions about where the h… did he arrived exactly.

Did you know ? - Interesting facts about our times.

Environment – Science – Discoveries

- a new immortal specie of medusa ( Turritopsis Nutricula) originally from the carabeans can grow youg again after every cycle of reproduction and matturitty; these species start to invade our oceans since they don’t die;

- we could have a very orriginal based fuel in the future – the germ fuel – the gearms responsible of eating our leftovers from the garbage can generatte metan gas and hydrogen which burned can provide electricity or fuel for our cars;

- water pomp fueled by children created energy: a merry-go-round called Playpump connected to a water pomp can extract from the earth 1400 l of water per hour if the children are in action – this is a great solution for 3rd world countries and not only – now is already in use in 1000 schools around South Africa;

- new + cheap + ecologic = light bulb with 60 years potential functionality was invented by Cambridge scientists – costs 2,88 euro (around 4 $) – this ingenious light bulb can reduce your energy costs with 75 % (3 times more efficient than the actual energy savers) – we can expect them on the shelves in 2 years (first in England);

- the well known dung beetle (Deltochilum valgum) once known for his excrement eating ways now become a full time predator eating especially live or dead millipedes;

- the Wilkins glacier which once was 16.000 sqm large now it’s about to detach. Now is big as Connecticut or Jamaica and scientists expect to detach any moment;

- Alberta and California University says that our sport abilities are directly proportional with the length of our fingers, so it’s influenced implicitly by pregnancy.

Other useful things to know:

- if you place a brick inside your toilet reservoir you reduce the consume between 15-40 % (around 2 liters per splashing);
- if you wash your own dishes and give your dishwasher a rest you reduce the consume with 37 % per year, an if you don’t let the water running continually when washing dishes or your car you could save up to 68000 l per year.

- a PC let overnight consumes like a laser printer when printing 800 A4 pages;
- 1 energy saver light bulb in every household from Great Britain could save enough energy to supply 3 million households for 1 year;
- your washing machine consumes with 1/3 less if washes with 40 degrees instead of 60;
- your mobile charger consumes 50 % electricity on nothing if you let it plugged when you’re not charging your phone.

- a normal car produces 3 tones of carbon dioxide per year;
- in heavy traffic inside your car is 2-3 times more pollution then outside.

Top Tips to be Fresh In The Morning

Oh, morning again ! You regret you need to wake up ?
You feel like you got hit by a truck ?
You look in the mirror and you have a puffy you ?
You just refuse to wake up ?
You have a hangover ?

Find out what are the reasons behind these questions and what can you do about it.

The thing is in the morning you need to change your “sleepy” mood to “sober” mood. It is indeed a transition and you should see it like this. There are many factors which can help your mornings. Also are different types of tiredness: could be something usual for you, or just after a party, or when you slept less than usual, or because of insomnias. First need to analyze which is really your case. We won’t discuss now about serious illnesses which can produce bad mornings, but about a generally healthy person who has this problem. After we identify the aspects involved we can start to see the solutions. Always for a better wakening you need to see the whole image, usual habits, day before, bedtime and morning behaviours.
I won’t tell you do all things I suggest below, but more is better, so try to choose what you can keep on a longer term. Every little change, kept for some time makes the difference. And like I keep on saying in my posts - experience, play with techniques, change them to be suited for you, some small efforts can make you find the best way to be fit and fresh in the morning. Remember – it’s your way not others, your own recipe !

In the morning

Get some cool air if you can, this refreshes you and it’s good for your lungs same as for your skin.
Don’t drink coffee every morning, at least try, we get used to caffeine and the effect goes away in time. Keep coffee when you really need it and try to not drink more than 200-300 ml per day. More will raise your blood pressure, raise your pulse and gives insomnia.
Drink water, this will activate your metabolism making it ready for the day. You can put a spoon of honey or lemon juice inside for detoxification.
Exercise, at least 10 minutes to remind your body that it’s the awakening time and need to get fresh. Plus your body will become more fit every day.
Eat cereals, this helps to provide the necessary elements for a good day. If not cereals than some other light breakfast, a healthy breakfast helps to have more energy during the day. You can cut your other meals, but not the breakfast even if you are not hungry. Just a small bite, ok ? Really it’s scientifically proven that who eats cereals for breakfast has a lower cortisol hormone level (cortisol being known also like the stress-hormone).
Get up straight away, don’t put your sneezer over and over again, this helps the body to react more promptly.
Get motivated, think about something really good you could do that day, or thing about any other thing which makes you happy.
Put some music, any kind of music you like but preferably with some more rhythm. This will help you always to get a better mood, why not using it in the morning ? Because you are so depressed to do it ? Exactly that’s why.

Our body needs a balance to work properly and same goes with sleeping hours, try to keep same hours for your sleep. Identify how many hours you really need, could be 6, 7, 8 or 9 in usual cases. When you have the best time than insert them in your 24 hours schedule and try to stick with that rhythm.
When you sleep you need comfort in every way, make yourself feel good in bed, don’t use any synthetic materials, adjust the temperature in the room, not too hot, not too cold, better more cold than hot. Let your windows slightly opened. In the night we intoxicate our room with our breathing literally, so a good ventilation will provide the necessary oxygen.
Maybe you need to change your bed: noisy mattress, too used mattress with shapes, both are indicators it’s time to buy a new one.
Take a hot bath before you go to bed, with bubbles and whatever you can find, music, candles, everything what makes you dream.
Don’t go upset in bed, do anything you can but until your head is on the pillow release your anger, stress or problems. Relaxation techniques, yoga could help.
Empty your bladder before going to bed, interruptions in the night will take good part of your quality sleep time.
Silence – this is very important for a good sleep, silence inside our brains and outside. Don’t think and don’t hear nothing. I know it’s hard, especially in the big cities to have silence. And ups, I also indicated open windows. But you could start to use earplugs, if you need to hear some noises you can get also special earplugs which isolates just some noises. First nights maybe it’s unusual until you get used to have something in your ears, but you will feel the benefits. Your snoring partner could also convince you to try them.
Darkness – any kind of light can distract you, use curtains, window shutter, panels or sleep mask to keep out the light.

Night before
Don’t drink coffee, wine or eat chocolate.
All this are stimulants and won’t let you have a good sleep. A glass of warm milk can be a good alternative before going to bed.
If you were partying and drinking alcohol, having a hangover next day, than you should know this tips: drink water or fruits juices between your alcohol glasses, morning hangover is produced mostly by dehydration, so drink a glass of water to every 1 or 2 alcoholic drink. Try to drink 1 glass of alcohol per hour, this is the usual time for our body to handle 1 glass. Don’t mix medicine with you drink, even Aspirin or Tylenol can amplify your hangover and will slower down the elimination, don’t mentioning about the extra work our liver has.
Let at least 2 hours between your last meal and your bed time.

Everyday tips !
– helps not just for your sleep, but also straightens your body, helps your circulation and relaxes you. If not 1/week then at least 1/month, shouldn’t be so hard. Massage stimulates serotonin and dopamine hormones which have effect on our happy and relaxed mood.
Drink a lot of water.
Eating habits - Eat fruits like: yoghurt, carrots, broccoli, juicy fruits (grapefruit, orange, peach). Eat fibers like cereals and apples. Never eat until you explode, eat many times but small portions, this stimulates you body to process easily anything you eat. Omega-3 fatty acids – not only helps your skin and beauty but makes your brain function better, makes you more active and regulates your blood pressure. You can find Omega 3 in : oily fish like mackerel, salmon, sardines, tuna; cabbage , soy, nuts, spinach.
Also the absence of ca, mg, flour can give insomnia.

Beauty tips for beautifull mornings
Use your natural oil from the nose and chin area and spread it over your face and wrinkle areas. It’s natural oil produced by your body and it’s precious. Then wash your face with cold water – old trick but efficient, what maybe you didn’t know is to let the water evaporate alone, without using a towel, eventually just cotton balls. Don’t wash your face with soap, use just water.
Take a morning shower, not too hot, and if you can alternate hot-cold-hot-cold, finishing with cold water, especially on your feats. This helps your circulation a lot.
Milk: wet 2 cotton balls in milk and apply them on your eyes for 15 minutes. The milk proteins help to hydrate your skin and let that puffy look go away.
Inox spoons – keep 2 of them in the fridge for all times and use them directly from the fridge on your eyes with their concave face and moving them slowly up and down, right-left for 5 minutes. Pinch rhythmically your face with your fingers to train your muscles and bring blood in your cheeks, giving a natural blush as well. Same way, you can bite slightly your lips to bring more color and make them look more peachy.

You hair is a mess and no time to wash it ?

Don’t worry, here’s a trick to make your hair look like is freshly washed.
Wet cotton balls in alcohol and rub your scalp for 4-5 minutes than brush your hair from back to front. See the difference.

Curiosities: You sleep more, you loose more pounds. Cherie Calbom, author of “Sleep Away the Pounds” says that a person who sleeps less then indicated influences that persons weights even if keeps a strict regime. Bad sleep brings endocrine system malfunction with hormone disbalance, especially fluctuation of insulin resulting in huge hunger and bad sugar metabolism. Cortisol level is pumped up and like we learned above this produces stress but also helps fat to be deposited in the body, especially around our waist.
Now you have an extra motivation to find your own "recipe" for better mornings.

What would you do if you could change your life cycles ? Would you do it ?

Cycles are here, they form big part of our lives, some are created by us, some by society we are live in. Annual cycles, monthly cycles, temperature, season cycles all this are relevant to us. In sstrology every Planet has its own cycle.
But focus on our life, we have holidays around the same dates, we start going to school in the same time, we have weekends, birthdays, events, + anything you can think off. Cycles will let an impact every time that particular time comes again. So if you don’t like Mondays for instance and every time you put more energy in these feelings than if some day you will have free Mondays the feeling of that day will remain and you won’t enjoy it.

If you try to dig inside your life more you will discover a huge list of cycles and if you go deeper you will see connections even between your health and periods of the year, months or days.

In fact, cycles gave birth to the notion of karma. It’s not hard to evaluate the repetition of your thoughts, actions and feelings in same occasions. This creates your individuality after all, makes you unique. You should know that hard situations which you never finished or handled will come back again and again with more intensity every time, and you will just say: “This can’t happen again with me!”. Sure it can since you have to solve some older matters. Do you want to change all this ? Guess what ? You must create another kind of cyclicity, this time the one you want, the cycle of success for example.

Some people fall from a small hollow inside a chasm. Others go better and better and every time they start something comes out good. Things are working in the same manner for all of us, but since most of the people are focusing in what not to do and how bad is their life, others more open minded focus exactly on what they want, without taking steps back or sidewise. And this energy, because everything is energy, will materialize in that final desire. So if you are persistent in something (truly, not just on the surface), than events, people, everything around you will create a favorable environment to bring that desired thing to you and will bring back also old events, peoples which are similar or connected to your desire, with much more power every time. If you were thinking to someone who you didn’t saw for a long time and that person just contacts you, don’t believe is a coincidence, there is no such thing. Everything has a purpose, even chaos has its purpose and well determined role. It’s all about the law of attraction. You will get what you attract.

Changing old habits it’s not always easy but if your determination is big then you have the winning card. Take baby steps to achieve your goals, every baby step gathered will create a new life for you. See the whole picture, not the frustration of those little steps which apparently don’t guide you anywhere. Set up a limit, for example 3 months of baby steps, and don’t analyze a thing until you don’t reach the last day of these 3 months. Just do it ! Experience, play with your life and cycles, anything just don’t give up. Sometimes if you change one single element in your chain the whole result will change.

Wealth Beyond Reason

Predictions 2009 - Follow up part II (last 6 signs)

Home and family:
the new location of Pluto in Capricorn disturbs Libras as well, they will feel a long period of transformations, emotional involvement and tension around their home, properties, family and parents. The situation will become harder starting with November. Libra women with kids will start to spend more time with them and take quick action if anything happens. It’s an active year for all Libras.
Love and couples: very nice aspects for Libras, love, romance, passion, attractiveness, all the package included. This year you will want to focus on yourself and find your happiness and personal interest so your eyes will be wide open. Also the taste for flirts, having affairs will be more powerful then usual. Also helps that you will irradiate good vibes around which will be noticed by the opposite gender. This emotional volcano will create a good environment for many things like: nostalgia, separation and new love, unclear or unfinished situations, some frustration, old relationships coming back to life, reconciliations. Anyway you will give a lot of attention to this aspect of your life and couples issues will be in your front focus. This tends to be a longer period between February 3rd and June 6th but you will feel it during July and August as well. The hottest month will be May. Attention to all Libra women – you have a high level of fertility during 2009.
Health: you need to take care of your health, especially with old illnesses which you neglected so far. New problems could be most likely psychosomatic disorders. This because Saturn in Virgo makes you to face your weaknesses, fears, anxieties, dependencies. Be more vigilant in March and April.
Career and money: the best word to describe this sector for 2009 is “contradiction”. March and April are months to watch most. Also in the firsts months you will have opportunities to sign new contracts and start new collaborations which tend to be good for you but need supervision. Anyway contradiction will be present like I said because a part of you wants to do nothing and isolate, another part wants to risk without thinking to much. Well this year is not indicated to not think, for anyone. What should be the best advice? Do what you really love to do, where you have vocation; since inspiration, creativity and talent are the best cards of this year to succeed in any career. Make the right changes in your career or you can be forced to do it during summer.

Home and family:
everything seems ok for you here, nothing major to worry about. Investments for the house or real estates seem attractive to you and being a Scorpio this is always a major preoccupation. Just don’t forget the general tendency this year - to take more care than usual and try to be more realistic than before. Your parents and relatives are on your side this year helping you a lot, maybe your family will grow. Preoccupations with your kids are still in focus and the most agitated period is between March and April.
Love and couples: very nice aspects here also especially between April 10th – August 1st with the maximum in June. You will experience deep feelings and need for your love life and the perspectives are good, if you are alone it’s a good time to find a true partner. In June all this could go out of your control, inner passion, need to love and be loved, everything else tending to go in the background but you have Saturn here so the danger is limited. And it’s not finished, between November 8th and December 2nd you will feel another episode of emotional torments but this time in a more gently way, when romance, seduction and tenderness is more appreciated.
Health: just keep track on your excesses, first half of the year seems to be more trouble, you have a big appetite for sweeties, so take care of your blood sugar level. Medical problems could occur like: renal disorders, gynecologic problems, dermatologic signs and bad venous circulation.
Career and money: between February and May you are preoccupied about your working environment, about your determination and even comfort at work. It’s a good period to balance all this and make some changes to fit your needs, otherwise you will experiment stress. Between October 16th and June 2010 your career sector becomes turbulent and it’s for your best interest to take some measurements to fortify your position diplomatically and carefully. On the other hand your money issues finally will get better, you had a big and long transit holding you back for many years, this will be over this year and your finances will get back on track. But this year is risky for everyone to jump in any kind of investments, especially be more prudent in July and August.

Home and family:
it’s not exactly peaceful since Uranus doesn’t alowe you yet a happy quite family life. Asks for changes, new stuff but comes Saturn and doesn’t allow it. So you can feel vexed. The most vicious months are March, April and September.
Good news came from relationships with your relatives, especially with brothers or sisters. Neighbors are also good helpers.
Love and couples: magic year for you, many aspects which indicate a hunger for romance and mysterious relationships. You become like a knight who designs mystical romances with many unknown aspects about your partner. You prefer to imagine all the good things about your partner and miss the flaws. Just take care not to be taken as a full. You are extremely gallant starting with February already, but the maximum romance desire you will experience during April and May. July, September and December are also good months. Starting with second half of October your sexual appetite and desire for adventure will grow suddenly. Sagittarius women will learn to respect more their partners and could start to make big plans in the fall. Those who are single will experiment lot of things and could start a new relationship.
Health: depends if you are sick or healthy. In the first case you need to respect your medications precisely plus rest more and make some order in your lifestyle. Second category will pass 2009 without major problems. But 2009 brings stress and a lot of action which can make you tired.
Career and money: like I said before 2009 needs a lot of energy and effort. Ambitions are big so they need to be accompanied with a lot of work. Since 2008 your responsibilities grew so now you have to manage all this. The good thing is that you have the chance this year to show your potential to others and create a respected and serious image about yourself. If you manage all this stress, the results will stay next to you for a long time, so it worth it. What you need is just discipline and law keeping. Financially it’s pretty much the same thing, but you can earn big money. Only take care how you administrate them because the money could just disappear easily or you won’t manage to handle them properly.
For the Sagittarius students his year it’s not so hard, they have the chance to consolidate their made choices and see the first results.

Home and family:
warm family environment for you in this first half of the year, you will feel your family closer and this will make you happy. Sometimes these relationships can become moody but tell me in which family are not. Since everything is so nice you will want to make some changes so it’s likely to buy new art pieces or something to make your home nicer, maybe even redecorate. Maximum for these activities seems to be May.
Love and couples: your senses are very sharp now, everything around you can be detected more easily; if your relationship doesn’t work you will feel it harder, if everything is ok you will need some more salt and pepper. You want everything or nothing, compromises are not your desired choice this year. Capricorn women will be also more active than usual, this time don’t want to wait patiently for things to happen, they will act to achieve what they want, all they gave during the years (like love) they want now to be reciprocal. During the summer women will become more and more willing to act, night will represent the best time to release any inhibitions; in the fall important decisions are expected related to their partner. All this predicts changes and unexpected events. Started already in January but will be another maximum point in June-July and also in September-October.
Health: psychosomatic manifestations are very alike to occur because of frustrations and anxieties you feel more heavily now. Same like with Cancer you need more relaxation making place for your hobbies, sports, art, yoga or qigong. Take care with driving your car and keep it in shape to prevent unwanted incidents.
Career and money: you enter in a long 15 years period when money, power, ambition and control will rule. But in 2009 are the first steps oriented on study, consolidation of what you know, powering your place and status. Do this because you will be tested about it around October. Money tends to come in your direction this year, you have nice aspects which represents that. All you have to do is to manage it well, same indication like for everyone in the year of the ox, cheats, scams, risky business and questionable partnerships are the only jeopardizing factors. So be aware about what you will do with the money or you will feel the consequences at the end of this year and first months of 2010. Especially Capricorn women tend to let this year others to take care of their money something new for any Capricorn. Be aware it’s not the best things to do.

Home and family:
the traditional household issues are on second place this year for you. You prefer to go out, travel, take your kids with you but don’t stay too much at home. Your kids are also very free this year, if they don’t travel with you they could move in another city and they will be lucky in their studies. Brothers, sisters, neighbors are more close to you, in case you lost their track than big possibilities to see each other again.
Love and couples: you have a general optimistic and cheerful year so you can feel the same in your love life. Your seductive mood will be combined with desire for adventure, electrifying emotions and sexuality. You can loose your rational thinking so be aware to not find yourself married in Las Vegas after you drugged yourself heavily one night before. Rational mind need to take action and supervise what you are willing to do, just like this you can escape from some really big trouble. Aquarius women are even luckier this year, things go on the right way in many directions. In the fall use a little bit more your natural communication talent to solve many things.
Health: everything goes so well for you even here. The only indications are just about excesses, you feel so good you want to take more, even when it comes to food, so if you eat too many cookies and fat you will see the results in front of your mirror.
Career and money: again and again, good things for you, pretty much like with your love life. Career and money tend to not make any problems if you don’t become greedy and too enthusiastic to see the whole picture. Money will come and help you with your loans, use them for what you need and don’t make big investments, especially not in March, April or September.

Home and family:
you are free to do whatever, no special indications for you here. Just some intensive and stressful activities in May - June and some surprises from your kids in January (too late) and July.
Love and couples: couples are tested this year, weaknesses, not handled issues are all forced to be solved somehow. If the couple resists the tests and solve their problems than a new solid start will come. You need to evaluate not just your partner but also yourself, what is your part in this relationship, what is his/her part. You need to evaluate yourself more and accept your parts. Don’t become too critical, find more reasonable approaches. Single Pisces have their chances to experience different partners to find out what they really want. Romance is not too representative this year, so Pisces will look more after comfort and material status to feel secure. Anyway for female Pisces many things can involve travels with their partner or alone. Relationships with others can be distant until October.
Health: not the most desirable one, your level of energy and physical condition keeps small periods of time and you need to recharge your powers more often than usual. Train your body more often to resist this vulnerable times. Health issues could occur during the last trimester of this year.
Career and money: you have some tuff years behind you, now it’s time to become more practical and relaxed. Find your priorities and change everything around you to feel more comfortable and familiar in your work area. If you have many collaborations you could select the more suited ones and let go the rest. You have nice perspectives in front of you, closer every day since around 2010 and during that year you will see many fruits of your work. So now it’s the time for the first actions, consolidate what you achieved and design everything how you want it to be. Focus on ambience and security issues, keep in mind working happy and practically. Money will come to you, first half of this year especially but also later. The way money comes could be unexpected, mysterious even.

Finally finished, this was hard work.
Notice ! Of course, nothing can compare with a personalized horoscope, but the above interpretations are general influences of the Planets for the signs involved. All the aspects can be very obvious to some and less for others. Astrology can’t predict the same thing for everyone who shares a sign but can predict the tendencies which are more likely to occur.

Predictions 2009 - Follow up part I (first 6 signs)

To show appreciation to my readers who placed Predictions 2009 in top I decided to write this follow up article, this time for all 12 zodiac signs.
I will split this article in 2 (each with 6 signs) since the second part it’s still not finished.

Home and family: interesting year with many changes at the horizon. There will be 4 eclipses of the Moon this year and for the Aries the moon takes action in their family life and home. So it’s recommended to take more care about their possessions, real estates, any kind of goods and don’t forget their parents.
Love and couples: Venus will give Aries many opportunities and also hard times in this area. So if you are an Aries you will feel many challenges in your love life with unfinished relationships or old ones coming back. Sometimes you can face frustrations and insecure decisions which you may change often. All this is possible between February 3rd and June 6th whit maximum between March 6th – April 17th . So during the last mentioned interval try to not make any important decisions regarding your partner, I mean breaking or starting new relationships.
Your passion and erotic side will challenge you between 24 April – 31 May affecting even all June and less July.
Another small interval of this passionate you will be revealed on the second part of October, but after October 29 you will calm down becoming much serious, could even feel some depression or sadness.
Health: not the best year for your health but don’t worry. Just be more careful between March 15th and April 22nd. Also keep an eye on the second and third decades in January, May and September.
Money and career: Financially you won’t have too many changes, but in career many things can happen, mostly positive ones, your guardians indicate a lot of work but for big goals, all this preoccupation will bring you influential people who can help you and promote you in your progress. Everything about collaborations, power, institutions, politics, popularity, protectors and followers will play a role in your life. Anyway your career and position in society will become more and more important for you, this will be a long cycle until 2023. So use your possibilities in this starting year.

Home and family: in your household are possible changes like renovation or any kind of renewals during January – February and July – August. Not the best relationships with your brother/sisters and neighbors, this could somehow change. If you had some problems with your kids in any way than all this will end or becomes much easier after November.
Love and couples: until June your love life is not the best one, illusions, disillusions, dependencies, renunciation, or just lake of doing anything. Don’t be hurt since June will come in force and brings everything you were missing. June and August will be more common, relaxing maybe, but September puts your sensuality in place. If you are between those who felt a lake of passion and emotions in the last years than you experienced a heavier transit of Saturn which will be over in this October so finally you regain your losses in this area.
Health: first half of 2009 makes you tired and without energy. You just need more rest then usual, you could try to learn some relaxation techniques and focus more on your balance, could be a good period to let go some bad habits. In the second half of 2009 the best thing to do is making some more sport and raise your immunity level, this will prevent some bad aspects from Saturn around October 29.
Money and career: this is your best sector this year, your best hopes could be accomplished now. For those who didn’t find their way in life yet it’s also a great year to do so, their future could be revealed. All you need to profit fully from this year is to make decisions with your head, don’t embrace fanciful goals or sign contracts without clear mind. Rules the general interpretation for this year, meaning play with the law and not against it, work for what you want to achieve and don’t expect miracles. Very promising investments or scams are the only things which can ruin your high career and financial expectancies this year.

Home and family:
big responsibilities for you, especially concerning one of your parents, maybe you need to take care of one of them, to solve an apartment or house issue, or to be involved in a long time project like constructing a house.
All this household priorities could interfere with your professional life and feel a little bit overwhelmed. Take it like an advantage, if you focus on being patient and consistent in what you’re doing now it’s the time to create a perfect balance between your family and your profession.
Love and couples: it’s not bad; you have a nice conjunction this year which can amplify your spiritual need or determination to know more about your inner self. This preoccupation will bring you new opportunities you didn’t know about and a special need to share your new knowledge with your partner. You can create a nice balance in your life and could change the way of seeing life in general. Involving your partner in your interests with patients it’s the best way to take advantage of this year. Discovering new possibilities and more things about yourself can be challenging and confusing so the only warning is to let this confusions go away and don’t interfere with your personal life.
Health: nothing special or worth to worry about, so relax. Only take care of your stress level especially during April – August period.
Money and career: are you a blogger ? - could be a good year for you since everything regarding author activities, conceptions of articles, research, study, knowledge, culture, vision and inspiration is the best thing for you to do. Your intellect is the best ally this year and for a typical Gemini it’s a very good thing. If you want to change completely your career though it’s not the best moment now, could be a slight start but with no finalizations and if this happens maybe it’s not in your best interest. So stick to what you’re doing now but applying what you read above.
Travels and relationships with strangers are under good aspects.
Your financial motivational level reaches high expectancies. It’s ok, but since for everyone this year is recommended prudence you can consider yourself among.
First half of this year you are your best friend and it’s good to rely on your own powers because others seems to be inconsistent in their helping actions which could put your goals in jeopardy.

Home and family:
your family has different visions about household concerning matters than you have. This can create some dispute and put your plans on hold. Maybe it’s a good idea to sit back and don’t take big decisions this year. Same goes with properties and new investments, better do just small reparations and changes than buying a new property or invest in real estate of any kind. It’s the year of prudence for you regarding home and family.
Love and couples: you’re entering also in a new era until 2023 of personal magnetism and intense relationships. You are willing to jump in passional relationships which can burn your senses, ultimately these could transform in manipulation, jealousy and destruction. Things are changing around you, or the relationships themselves or yourself by them. You could feel frustrated and tense this year so you will keep on searching new things if the old ones seem unworthy for you. Best way to handle this many aspects is to use reason and diplomacy. Try to give yourself moments to be alone and reflect on what is really happening to achieve the most desirable results.
Health: Prudence with your health, don’t push yourself too far. If you know which are your weak points concerning your health than just respect those and don’t try to force. Allow yourself to take more care about your health and treat your body seriously. It’s best to keep your car in best shape during this year and also take your driving seriously. This year it’s not good to take risks.
Career and money: you are ruled more about the money than your name and career aspects. And you know what ? You have many reasons to be like this, since money can come to you more easily this year, directly or through collateral sources. For you changes are welcomed this year (compared to other signs) so you could change your career and even specialization with good success on the way. But like for everyone else avoid scamming or any illegal methods. Also be aware of not so honest business partners who can really put you in jeopardy.

Home and family: until October is unlikely you are too much involved in household projects, your interests are outside. Just between March and April due to some financial changes you could be more involved. Anyway your priorities will change after October 16th when your house and family will take a big part of your life again, all way to June 2010.
Love and couples: great prospects for you here, since January 5th - temptations, possibilities come in your way and make you very effusive. Doesn’t matter if you are alone or not because both situations have good perspectives if you are a leo. For singles this is that time for the big opportunity to find your half. This can come from far or be close to you, doesn’t matter anything is possible. If you are in a couple you will feel how your relationship goes in the right direction, travels or any kind of common activities can bring you 2 even closer. And for those who have a restrictive or bad relationship this year brings the opportunity to set free. So all of you have a winning situation. The only precaution should be taken by those who were born after August 12th. They could be deceived easily.
Health: avoid excesses and risky activities, do more sport and adopt a less vicious lifestyle. The eclipses could cause some problems so best advice to consult a doctor when any kind of symptoms appear.
Career and money: you are in a lucky situation concerning your relationships with other colleagues, partners, new collaborators. You will develop many partnerships, others will see you through an appreciative eye, so you have a winner situation in competitions and arguments. You could sign very profitable contracts as well. Although you will have a tensed environment at work, focus and performance desire will be at the maximum. All this shows good career perspectives but the money issues are more sensitive ones. Loans are higher, money easily come and go, you need to make more efforts to balance your financials so maybe you need to accept some harder jobs. Advice is to not invest and don’t take more credits.

Home and family: good perspectives for you, although many responsibilities on your head you handle it well and easily. Your aunts and uncles are a big help this year and your children’s life is much better. It’s a great year for gardening, household activities like cooking, taking care of pets and any kind of utilitarian work.
Love and couples: like with cancer sign you will have many transformations, discover your passion, sexuality, experiencing more and feed senses. Also it’s possible a reorientation to more spiritual ways. You will evaluate everything about your relationship, about the future next to your partner, your personal freedom. The only stopper will be your fear of new things but your inner self will want something new and fresh. The most intense and overwhelming periods are between January and April, less between August and September. If you will find a new love in 2009 this will be deceiving or hard to handle, but full of experience and passion.
Health: be happy you will have a great year regarding your health and physical condition, much better than the year before. Just don’t do excesses and be careful if you have any kind of illness including the word hyper (ex.: hypertension).
Career and money: your professional life will bring you the biggest satisfactions this year. You are so dedicated with your work in 2009 that you will work efficiently, a lot and with good results. The best part is that you will do it with a lot of pleasure. Also new job or second job offers can appear including promotions. Even the money issues are good for you, extra cash, good investments, bonuses, gifts can come to you especially in the first half of this year. Just take care about what you will do with all this because prudence is indicated to you as well. But, hey you will have a great year.

For the rest 6 signs check back tomorrow.

Hot to use your freezer - Simple guide for everyone !

Do you use your freezer wisely ?
Could you improve your freezer management ?
Do you use it at all ?
Are some simple questions but new studies identified some “funny” facts which maybe you knew about but ignored completely.
The study was made in Great Britain but I think more or less concerns us all. Hear this – 1/3 of the people with a freezer have no idea what they hide there. And those who have an idea about what treasures they're hiding don’t know exactly since when all that stuff is there or what kind of food is advised to be deposited. More than that, 12 million households are binning good food in the trash to make space for newly bought food. Imagine how much money you can loose per year doing this often. So the list of things we should discuss seams long.

1. First of all – should we use the freezer at all ?
Yes, at full capacity. Why ? First because if you have it and anyway consumes your energy than take full advantage of it and second because you can became even environment friendly since a fully filled freezer it’s energy saver. If it’s too much space or air inside, the coils are working more harder to do the job. If you don’t have nothing to put inside fill some plastic containers or milk cartons with water. At least you will have enough ice for your cocktails.

2. Should we respect labels ?
Not necessarily, if you freeze the food on the same day when purchased than can stay even for years like that, the only rule is to not defreeze it again. Another good tip is for a long time freezed food is to defrost it slowly in the fridge before cooking it, this will keep the quality better. But the dates on the label are more for quality purposes than safety ones.

3. What should I do with the food I defrosted but don’t wanna eat it that day ?
First, what not to do is refreeze it. Just in case it’s cooked. Or you can marinate it if it’s meat. But why not make a simple ready meal from it and eat it next day ?

4. What not to freeze ?
It’s a very small list: egg yolks.

5. What to freeze ?– Tips.
- Breadcrumbs - very handy for many recipes;
- Herbs, lemon grass, lemon slices, ginger;
- Leftover redvine for cooking – like icecubes;
- Peas and pastry;
- Fruits looking like it's not going to be eaten (used in juicer later);
- All kind of veggies;
- Fish fingers;
- Bread;
- Soupes ready prepared in portions;
- Milk;
- Reduced foods bought in supermarkets.

6. What about the freezed food quality and nutrients ?
Amanda Ursell's nutrition tips:
"The nutritional levels of minerals such as iron and calcium are not affected by the freezing process, neither are the amounts of supernutrients such as betacarotene in carrots, lycopene in tomato purée or the amount of protein, carbohydrate or fat that foods contain. It is worth noting that when it comes to cooking, foods that have been frozen tend to take up more fat once fried than fresh items.
If freezing takes place less than two and a half hours after harvest, vitamin levels in vegetables such as peas, broccoli and berries can be higher than in fresh versions. To retain these high levels, it is vital that frozen foods are transported as rapidly as possible to the shop and your freezer. And your domestic freezer should be set at minus 18C or colder.
The modern “blast” freezing technique involves directing extremely cold air on to food. The speed of the method leads to the formation of very small ice crystals that help to reduce damage to the look, texture and taste of the food. With fruit and vegetables, if this takes place within a short time of harvest, it ensures the best preservation of vitamin C and several B vitamins that are usually damaged through normal exposure to light and air.
Levels of vitamin C in vegetables that you freeze yourself will depend on the amount present in them before you put them in your freezer. According to my auntie, who is an avid “home freezer” of the produce that she grows in her garden, the old advice to blanche before freezing by plunging runner beans, for instance, into boiling water for a few seconds first, is not necessary for many vegetables. Avoiding this process will certainly retain more vitamins."

7.How to keep track ?
Put labels on anything goes in the freezer, if you forget it there for years you won’t recognize what it was unless you are a psychic. Your frozen food can be unidentifiable but eatable because ice has really magic powers.
Sorce: The Times

This all sounds very good for me to know ? Same with you ?


Eat more cabbage !

What a simple aliment though so complex and healthy. Cabbage has a long history as well which at some point was controversial.
It’s 4000 years old like origin and was very appreciated by Ancient Greece and rejected by the European high society. But Greeks discovered that cabbage is not only very healthy but also it’s good to be consumed before drinking. So before every big party with a lot of food and especially alcohol they eat raw cabbage or garnished with vinegar. Maybe that’s why today cabbage is a national food for the Russians. Especially in the winter they consume big quantities not just because it’s cheap but also for his complex properties. For example a Russian eats 7 times more cabbage per year then an American. Americans use cabbage more like assortment (coleslaw) in fast-foods which could be replaced better with home cooking.
Later on, cabbage met its success also in Europe, especially in countries like: Germany, Austria, Holland and Sweden. Hungary and Poland prefers it pickled. In Coreea it’s used a lot for the famous kim chi; in Japan like tsukemono. And not for least Turkey uses cabbage in many traditional food.
Today cabbage is included in the top 20 nutritious foods around the world.

What exactly contains the cabbage ?

It’s full of vitamin C, iron, calcium, potassium, vit. B1, B2, B3, D and a lot of fibers like any veggie. Since contains also U vitamin, which is known for his healing properties in ulcers, we presume it’s good for this illness.
The red cabbage it’s richer in fibers, Calcium, iron and potassium compared to the green one. The pickled cabbage is rich in C vitamin.

- Ulcer;
- Anemia;
- Diabetes;
- Stomach, colon and breast cancer (because contains “indol” and anti-cancer enzymes);
- Scurvy.
Little warning ! Like every good thing in this world don’t go to far with cabbage, in big (but big) quantities can create some problems to your thyroid.

It’s a great disinfectant, nutritive, energizer and mineralizer. His disinfectant qualities are used in many skin diseases, wounds and infections, including hemorrhoids. Calms the pain and disinfect the tissues efficiently so you can try it yourself. In this cases you use it fresh.

In the fridge you can let the cabbage for 3 weeks in plastic bags until starts to loose its properties. The best is to be eaten fresh as possible. If you want to boil it than keep in mind 10 minutes is enough. When you can start to feel his smell on the fire usually is the moment when the cabbage starts to loose its vitamins. The red cabbage boils slower than the green one. And if you just love its taste you can cook it anyway you want.


Honey – go for a healthier lifestyle !

What an amazing product. Did you know that honey has a similar composition like our blood ? That’s why our body can assimilate honey so easily providing extra energy and necessary bioactive nutrients, 435 in total.
Honey is food and medicine in the same package !
Still, every type of honey has different properties. Sure thing is that every honey is good for our health, but with some specific orientations regarding our health issues.

- honey made from wild flowers from the field: antiseptic effect;
- honey from the fruit trees: renal, intestinal and pulmonary diseases;

- linden honey: fever, headache, gastric pain, pneumonia, bronchitic asthma, anxiety, tuberculosis;
- lavender honey: cough and flu;
- acacia honey: general tonic, calmes the nerves and stomach;
- fir honey: good for respiratory system;
- wild chestnut honey: raise blood pressure;
- common chestnut honey: antimicrobial effect especially for stomach, intestine and renal diseases;
- peppermint honey: good for pain in general, anti-bleeding, tonic effect;
- sunflower honey: bronchitis and stomach illnesses.
If it’s about children, adults, pregnant women or older people, honey always is a good choice. A normal diet including honey 3 times per day normalize your digestion and blood pressure, helps you in case of many diseases since it’s a general tonic and immune system stimulator. Honey acts good even if it’s about skin disease or internal illness.
3 times per day means: 1 spoon before breakfast; another spoon 2 hours after lunch and the 3rd one after dinner. In case of gastritis or colitis it’s better to dissolve the honey in some warm water before drinking.

Honey is a real natural treasure which is not so easy to produce. A bee works really hard to produce 1 l of honey, needs between 20.000 and 100.000 flights to achieve this quantity. Fortunately a swarm of bees is big enough to produce 1 kg per day. Still it’s a lot of work, more reason to appreciate this natural labor and the final product. The quality is determined logically by the origin of the flowers so it’s closely related to environment and also to season. Without bees agriculture could die since they are responsible for 80 % of pollination in agriculture. Real treasure indeed !

How long it’s indicated to keep such a cure with honey ? In normal cases 1-2 months – 3 times daily. You can also use milk or tea with your honey if you wish.
Tip: change your daily sugar with honey for a better health condition. Honey can substitute sugar in almost anything, including cookies.

Fake or real ? This days it’s easy to be fooled by products which are not what we think they are. With honey can be the same. The best honey is the pure one without any extra treatment. For example if the honey is too liquid the most likely is thermically treated. Sometimes honey contains even sugar. First read the label. The pure honey is never too liquid or transparent and in time becomes crystallized. This is the natural process honey has the tendency to crystalize in the bottle and become hard, so don’t run if you see such a honey, this is more likely to be the real deal. And it’s very easy to make it fluid again, just warm it up in max. 40 degree water but using his original bottle. Never warm it up more than that since honey can loose its natural power.
If your intention was to buy pure honey but you’re not sure - don’t panic ! You can test your honey. Take some matches and place them in honey for a few minutes and try them. If the matches still work than your honey is authentic. I’ve just tried with my freshly bought honey and it works. Sure, use a napkin on your matches before you try since it’s needed to establish the connection.
Other methods to verify your honey:
- pour a spoon of honey in a glass of water, if goes straight by making a line than it’s natural, if dissolves than not;
- use the pick of a pen and put it into the honey, if the honey doesn’t change its color than it’s natural;
- pure honey always flows continuously, if not (in drops) than buy somewhere else next time.
No one can fool you anymore.

Since it’s late I will take my spoon of pure, freshly bought honey and go to bed.


Downadup Worm Infection

If you are here (on the internet) than this announce concerns you. I won’t take any credit for this post so read it here.

Scientology ?

I would say choosing a different way for yourself can be dangerous since everytime when hard times come people are willing to embrace something new, change or redirect their lives. But decision made in a crisis situation is not always the best one. Like when we change our president or party just because has a different name. Change surely is a good thing, but when you don’t have the right alternatives ? Or in case are so few that you’re looking to the most popular one. And frankly I didn’t care about Scientology too much, but lately intersects my eyes too many times not to try dig deeper and find out more.

I was a Nip Tuck follower to be honest and my only infos sticked to my brain where that Kimber screwed up completely Matt’s head with her obsession for Scientology and manage to take his money (better said Sean’s) and after did the same to the whole family. So it’s just a movie, but no smoke without fire. Second alarm in my head was about how every woman around Tom Cruise (who I admit it's a good actor) just suddenly transforms under his authority. So since the name “Scientology” haunted my steps lately I took the decision to investigate the issue. I don’t own the absolute truth, but I have a voice and a viewpoint which I can share like all of you. Let’s see what I found.

No one is very sure if it’s a cult, sect or a church. But what seams more important than that is if you enter inside this "church" you are asked to put all your possesions in the hand of the organization. For me this only is an alarm. Yes it’s not the only “cult” which request this, same goes with the mormons and some by the way can be good in business like the Marriott chain shows – but this is not the subject here. If we think well all the churches want money, but at least they don’t request it all, depends if it’s about baptism, funeral, wedding or how big your sin is. I’m wondering how much my sin is costing lately ?
There are many rumors, discussions, books and websites around Scientology. A lot of material to document, anyway also a real mistery about what is really true and what not.

Thing is Scientology goes well with the belief in extraterestrial life.
Once upon a time, more exactly 75 million years ago existed an intergalactic confederation ruled by Xenu. This guy, "God",dictator or whatever had a problem with the big number of the extraterestrials which overpopulated the planets, so he took them and sent them exactly here on Earth where he encapsulated them inside volcanos and killed them using hydrogen bombs. And their spirit remained today under the name Thetans, whose remaining spirits can harm us. So Scientology comes to save us from these malefic spirits using initiation methods as well as all our money donations.
The founder was Ron Hubbard, imagine who – not less than a science fiction second hand writer who had a very healthy theory. He said: “The best way to make money is to create a church !”. Indeed I happen to agree with him, when something involves people's beliefs that something can do everything with those people. The beliefs of people are something sacred, very hard to change or play with. So after he realized what he just said put it in practice. It’s hard to know what is more in this story since many of whom knew his thinking became his follower. Who knows, maybe they had shares, or Hubbard was really gifted with the power of speech and manipulation. Maybe all of it it’s true, maybe not. But like I said “no smoke without fire”.

One thing I know, everything involving money and belief it’s a powerful machine. And this “church” have both. Lately they want more and more, invaded Europe since America doesn’t provide enough and like in any place they find people who are confused and not happy and want more – so with the right words and a good branding they can show their "power" directly in those people’s minds. Every one of us has that weak moment, celebrities too – and Scientology surely use that. Their logo is that everything can be solved if you become an adept. Well for one thing, I don’t need to worry anymore for my money if I have any, they will take care of it – so I must agree with them, since money problems are in top this days. Ok, France has some fraud actions against it and in Germany is considered dangerous, but this doesn’t help too much for those who can be brainwashed easily. Another rumor is that the first initiation is a real hypnosis which implants your new believes like they are your own. Well this can make things easier for sure.
Lately also the death of Travolta's son became a controversial subject which frankly made me sad. I just love Travolta like actor, especially his older movies are something which I could see again and again with lot of joy. Being a pilot made me respect him even more, and now this scientology bullshit ? I don’t know, I am really disappointed.
Power is money and this church sure has it since you can’t just be a member, and especially can’t advance to the next level without a lot of them. Show me homeless scientologists ? Their power was showed also when could interfere in canceling an episode of “South Park” – the reason was the ironical approach of Tom Cruise being a Scientologist. How is that possible ? Because they are very well organized, not just with the money issues but also with serious documentations since all members have their complex file about everything they did and eat for dinner. So if someone would decide to leave I can’t feel just sorry for that person.
Personally I don’t have any problem with any kind of religion, like you out there I have my personal believes. But I recommend to everyone who wants to join a no way back road, to spend some time documenting first from many sources, books whatever until their image is complex, than if they find it’s what they want than go ahead. But do nothing just because you had an impulse, a bad moment in life and someone comes and tells you everything you wanna hear. This is all I could ask.

Finally a short video about the most famous scientologist today - no one else but Tom Cruise. Watch this video, it’s a good material for those who knows some NLP and/or can read body language.

Or maybe you want to check this out also: L.Ron Hubbard’s 5 most impressive lies (besides Scientology)

Are you a scientologist ? Write your story to can understand it better. You are not a scientologist ? Than let your opinion be heard. Enlighten me :)

Astrology - Taurus

This is a tuff cookie. Rules by The Earth Element among with Cancer and Capricorn. If we analyse signs after elements we can find nicely distinguished characteristics like we discussed about the fire representation (Aries).
Earth means stability and attraction to roots, stabile and secure things. Taurus, Cancer or Virgin - are indeed very planted signs but in a different way. Taurus peopla understands in stability their possessions, including here their partners as well. Yes they are one of the most possessive and jealous signs. This because many times they are materialists taking their life pursuit which is the emotional and financial security.
"A poor Taurus is an unhappy one."
Taurus just loves luxury, like Leo - but in a different way. While Taurus just loves to know that posseses expensive values which make him proud, Leo loves luxury which shines also and makes others know about it. Taurus doesn’t care about this - he just wanna know for himself that has stabile, more traditional thing, like an expensive watch or a painting. Also quality product means something nice to the eye since Taurus people are ruled by Venus, so their good sense of beauty makes them a good candidate for an art critic. Same with shoes, Taurus will be that kind of very elegant business man who wears robust square type of shoes and will decorate his office with many earth meaning stuff: like big intimidating office table or chair.
If we talk about business its’ a very useful information for you to know how to prepare before you have a business meeting with a Taurus and especially if it’s your first time or "that big presentation moment". This type of person is really affected by the first appearance, and can judge someone after their clothes - for good. For the comparison sake Gemini care less about this issue and if someone proposes business to them in jeans or even summer wearing they won’t be affected by this. But not the Taurus, even if they don’t want to admit it they put etiquettes on your head instantly.
So if you enter in his office for the first time and your outfit it’s not well suited he won’t take you seriously and maybe never will. This because they are a very stubborn sign, they change their impression hard since their mind is set in a way that what you show outside reflects what you have inside. Don’t take me wrong, they are not at all superficial; oh no, but they need the security feeling and for this they need to recognize well determined categories which are fitting in their description. They are hard to change, not so hard like Capricorn, but it’s a fact which varies together with their stubbornness level. So for the Taurian the inappropriate outfit signalize something unreliable which they can’t trust much. And for the more vain Taurus type this is just a sign of the unworthy, they can wear their nose up if they consider you are not an equal.
So be aware of their own style of judging to can act accordingly.
The good news is that because of their reliability if you catch a Taurus like business partner or life partner will be much harder to loose him like this could happen with other signs. If they commit to something than it’s a real thing, that’s why it’s harder to make them from the first place to say yes. They need to see the whole picture from their perspective, the long time perspectives before will go into something.

They are very good friends. Like friends they have a good humor, sometimes ironical, like to entertain and food lovers ( eat and cook equally). But when comes to cooking their Taurian character comes to life again and demands a high class meal, counting how the food looks like, not just how’s it taste.
Tip: if you want to impress a Taurus - prepare a sumptuous dinner with many attractive dishes like in a 5 star restaurant and you will definitely have some extra points.

Like partners they are the type who if commits don’t wanna go back, so for them divorce is the last alternative, trust me you need to do many evil things to determine one to take this decision, and even so it’s more likely that you will do it. This is a family individual, if committed than enjoys marriage and is proud of his family status. Well, since this is also an aspect of stability it’s easy to deduct already. ! So the best advice if thinking to commit with a Taurus is to love him/her enough to be a lifetime partner. Because if things go wrong this sign can really hate you for life. Just because they dedicate themselves and also are passionate in love - so the same goes with hate. Will be hard to make them see it was their fault if it’s the case. And if you are patient enough you can solve any problems before comes to hatred. In bed is the same issue, very powerful, dedicated partners, and men often have something extra if you know what I mean. The Taurus women have a natural beauty and like to be in the center of attention and flirt time to time; sure until they find the real one.
A short synthesis: they are good and fair bosses, know how to value their families and others as well as long time partnerships. They will always stick next to their partners in problems, won’t run away. Just in case are very hurt.

Health: they have a good vital energy, but are sensible in the neck area, vocal cords, tonsils, larynx. Taking their good appetite many times can eat too much and this tendency comes with overweight and diabetes. Also many of their health problems come directly associated with material status, so situations involving financial insecurity can affect their health.
They are not the best sportive type but enjoy more static sports like: fitness, dancing, aerobic, yoga, bowling.

Compatibility: fitting good with the other earth sings (Capricorn and Virgin) but I would agree more with Virgin since Taurus - Capricorn could be a very interesting combination, too much earth and fix thinking (both also leader types) to create a nice balanced relationship. Virgin can be easier to be ruled by Taurus compared to a Capricorn. Same goes with the water signs (cancer, scorpion and fish). Goes not too well with Gemini (just in business) like with the other air signs (Libra and Aquarius). For marriage Scorpion could be a good choice.

Representative Taurus (the order doesn’t matter) in my opinion are : Valentino Garavani, Salvador Dali, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin James, Burt Young, Katharine Hepburn, Candice Bergen, Gary Cooper, Shirley MacLaine, Harvey Keitel, Pierce Brosnan, Bono, Madeleine Albright, Evita Peron, Tony Blair …

The “peasant” who once challenged Putin – a story behind the scenes

A meaningfull story hit my eyes today, thanx to a friend of mine. German Sterligov who once was Russia's first legal millionaire since the 1917 Revolution and also Putin’s contracandidate in the presidential elections in 2004, found his happiness in the countryside with his sheeps, wife and kids.
Today in full crisis around the globe he shares his experience to the whole world to give a different perspective for those who need it. When many old “bodies” of his are in real struggles and they lost their peace, German feels secure and way far by all this problems. Read the full article in the DailyMail

I found another version of the same subject which may be also an interesting lecture after the first one - Ex-capitalist trades luxury for farm life

Chinese New Year 2009 - Predictions !

I propose a good weekend reading for all of you since "the year of the earth ox" will arrive soon - on January 26th. The general meaning has many things in common with the Taurus sign which will be by the way my next post inside the astrology section. Until than I prepared general infos concerning all of you.
After the Chinese Horoscope the year of the ox means mainly discipline, a lot of work and obedience. Keeping this 3 principles you can achieve the best of this year which will meet its end in February 13th 2010.

2009 will hit the lazy, no concessions !

Yep, true this will be the year for all of you who work hard for your living on a daily basis. No favors for those who want to cheat, win at lotto or just steal others work. You need to work for what you want. For all the honest people in this world it’s a good news, for the rest a funeral. In this full crisis we are living now we can predict that many heads will fall and change too. Will be a very interesting year to watch I must say. Uranus opposition Saturn is a hard lesson giver so we can expect heavy stuffs on our shoulders and the society we are living. Mainly this big aspect will be responsible of the turbulences produced this year. We don’t want either Saturn or Uranus too active but when they unite their energies in opposition than is even harder to take. But I always see the optimistic side so I see the opportunity of those who never had it before. And who wants bad news anyway ? I surely don’t. Bad news just take our wings away, so if something I write below it’s not what you expected just transform it to fit with you in a positive way, please. It’s an year for those honest people who share a good ideal of their life and others, who are passionate with what they’re doing, who respect and appreciate what life gave. So they deserve more in my eyes and now they will have that real moment.

Ox represent also impulse, fire, anger, disputes, arguments. The climate will continue its change and temperature will grow higher, except of the northern countries were we will experience the opposite like in Great Britain, Canada for example. But also we will see some good achievements in the fight against global warming. We will have unfortunately potential earthquakes as well, but for a long time perspective this has the purpose to discover in the future until 2023 some new natural reserves which we never knew they exist.

The political surroundings won’t change too much and will be hard for politicians to restore their heritage. Anyway Barack Obama as well as Nicolas Sarkozy are more “yin” personalities which means they prefer pace instead of war. But not everything depends on the front men. So this year Obama won’t be able to achieve much, more likely just to install his government.

About busines sector. Fraud and any illegal methods will be growing like usual and even more since all that happened recently, but this is not the winner method this year, so all who didn’t took measurements in consistency, cash flow, clients follow up can suffer badly. If you are between the honest citizens just take care not to trust your values on others hand who are questionable or too new on the market. Traditional values and small steps takers are a much better choice even if they’re not so popular. Sectors which involve wood are under favorable position, I will mention here: media, advertising, maps, energy, fashion, aerial transport. Smart people and innovator personalities and even those with ultra-progressive ideas have more chances to succeed if they respect the rules.
Since many will try to resist to such a tense environment - conflicts are possible to occur and unfortunately the military sector could do well this year. I just wish a world where military is a forgotten concept, really. This indicators show also that the US dollar could gain market again in some occasions compared to other currencies.

Important dates to watch out!

  • Most relaxed period of this year will be between April 9th- July 23th, but especially after October 30th to the end of this year when the connection between Uranus and Saturn is less stable.
  • Be aware of the following 2 dates when the 2 planet mentioned are perfectly connected during this year: February 6th and September 16th.
  • February 13th- 24th – major events will happen around the globe, could be in many sectors from science to cinema with many breaking news to watch out. This is a good but short period for Gemini and Libra.
  • March 7th – April 17th : emotions and creativity are affected when revenge, instability, impulses and bad investments are likely to occur.
  • Until September – bad carrier choices for many, including those who try figuring out which university to take.
  • Before May 18th – real estates, new constructions and agriculture won’t stay better, these sectors are seriously challenged since end of 2007; if you need to start something in this fields try to wait until at least May 18th.
  • Many chidren borning in 2009 will become a pioneer in the future in fields are not known today.

    ! A brief conclusion of 2009 - you just need to work hard and be honest this year. Also put your patients in place, patients will give you that extra in front of others. Visualize consciously that you need to keep persistency in your work and be patient for the fruits !

Tell me what's your name to tell you who you are !

Did you know that names work like mantras ? Well they really are, since a mantra is like a “magic” word or sound with energetic power which used often can create transformations. And what is the most heard word during our lives if not our name ? So this really acts like a mantra and I would say it’s the mantra of your life. Don’t get confused though, here doesn’t count your name from the usual identity cards but the name your family, friends or your neighbours use to call you. This is your real mantra. The meaning of your called name is something which even if you want or not affects you. Those who are called with powerful names can consider themselves lucky, the rest needs something extra to kill the bad connotations attached to their names. Anyway many names are neutral so don’t worry. But it’s a powerful tool to use for your children, when you use the name of your baby, or when you just want to switch on a different name whatever reason you may have.
I prepared a list of names and their short meaning to see if you can find your own and others. Think about people you know with the names below and test if they really share common characteristics between each other. I wish to write more but like I learned lately it’s not a good idea to create huge articles. And I can assure you since there are so many names and characteristics to each, this article could take some handbook dimensions. Anyway I am open like always to give more specific information on request. Have fun.

Adelina, Adeline noble Alexandra protector of men and people
Alma nice Amalia, Amelia nice, pleasant
Amanda loved, lovable Ana grace
Andrea warrior Angela messenger, needs love
Beatrice traveler Britany comes from Great Britain
Bianca white Candice witness
Carolina property owner Carmen the priests help
Carry beloved, friend
Cecilia blind Clara brilliant, shining
Cleopatra takes father proud Christina follower of Christ
Corinne maiden Daniela God is my judge
Diana divine, goddess Dolores pain, suffer
Helena, Elena sunshine, torch Elizabeth God is my oath
Emmanuelle God is with us Elvira the majestic
Emilia eager, zealous, anxious Ana grace
Eugenia aristocrat Felicity happy, lucky, fertile
Gabriela God is my power Georgia farmer, peasant
Gloria glory Grace grace
Helga success Irine peace
Joanna God's blessing Irma universal
Julia Jupiter's descendent Laura laurel,bay bush
Leticia joy Lillian lily
Livia pale, livid, envious Lucia light
Lucretia to succeed Maria, Myriam wanted child
Marta lady of the house Melanie darkness, black
Miranda miraculous Monica hermit, recluse
Nadia hope Olivia olive
Ophelia helper Paula small or humble
Petra hard, stone Silvia forester
Valerie to be strong Veronica true image
Victoria victory Virginia virgin

Alexander protector of men Andrew warrior
Anton he was lost Aaron,Aron,Ron mountain, strength
Brad broad, wide Carl free man
Charles man, serf Cesar the chief
Christian follower of Christ Colin young creature
Constantin stable, constant Cornel chimney
Daniel God will judge me David lovable
Dylan son of the sea Emanuel God is with us
Eugene noble, well-born Gabriel God is my power
George countryman, farmer Fabian one who grows beans
Felix happy, lucky, fertile John God's blessing
Julian bearded Justin who thinks right
Karl free man Kurt courageous
Lucian bright Leonard lion power
Max the best Maximilian the greatest
Michael who is alike Jehova Nikolas victorious people
Oliver olive Paul small or humble
Peter hard like a stone Philip horse lover
Sergio slave, to save Silvio wood, forester
Theodor God's gift Simon who listens
Vladimir the one who rules, powerful