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Are so many blogs about celebrities out there and I don’t want to compete with any of them. Since it’s an informational blog I was thinking to include this mini-serie about their hobbies. This will make them more human, more reachable. They are all people like us and sometimes they would love to just give up to their celebrity status to can enjoy life without being watched, without restrictions which can affect their image.
So let’s see what celebrities love to do with their spare time.

Angelina Jolie

Our humanitarian mom, who unfortunately has recent interdictions to conceive a new baby because of her health condition loves to:
Collect things like: knives (since she was young); daggers; maps (more recent); beer mats.
Of course she loves tattoos which are part of her life. And also a more interesting habit is or sadly was to watch people. Like she admitted: "My favorite thing used to be to just sit on the subway and watch people; just walking by myself everywhere and living among people and watching them. And I lost that. It was the hardest thing to lose, and I think that does affect you." Source
I really hope she still has time for some of her hobbies.

Brad Pitt

Brad who loves to be seen lately with mustache (honestly I don’t) likes:
Interior designs (lovely); architecture; nature.
Also he is a collector of furniture and functional metal art pieces.
I would say his first hobbies meet mine so a plus from me for that.
Oher common things to do he likes include: reading, swimming, basketball, golf, tennis, working out, motorcycles, photography, music, traveling.
He is also a well known vegetarian.


The super mom kept her life very active all the time, we can never say about her she is lazy, being a model for many generations and she kept her status transforming herself constantly.
She is very active personality even in her hobbies which include: horseback riding, bike riding, fishing, and clay pigeon shooting and Yoga.
Her ex-husband Guy Ritchie also known for his sportive skills loves Jujitsu and Karate (holding a black belt in the last one).

And since we are at husbands let’s include here:

Sean Penn Madonna’s first husband, who became a very respected actor figure meantime even if was known before like the bad guy of Hollywood. I respect him for well known movies and compromises which he didn’t make to grow his selective good movies collection. Although his recent movie Milk was controversial and attracted many different opinions. He’s not a center figure in daily headlines but this is a more discreet choice for a lifestyle (which included real hatred for paparazzi). So many things we don’t know about him if you think about it. But hey, the man won Oscar and not for less than for the best actor title so ...
Like many things about his personal life hobbies are also a mystery. We can just guess after his limelight activities. So I would say he is really passionate about politics, about his personal believes which are the main reason of every controversy he created so far. If you have more detailed hobbies about him pls let us know.

And let’s include last, but not least in this first serie
Matt Damon who is one of my favorite actors by the way. I don’t remember any bad movie with him, maybe just where he wasn’t the main character. My favorite is still Good Will Hunting (don’t blame me).
He is more in the frontlines and such a busy man that hardly has time for anything and when he has spends it with his family. Anyway the similar thing with Sean Penn coincidently is about politics. He’s really into it and likes to dig in similar issues like war since he appeared on Hardball to debate the war in Iraq.
And like any respected celebrity he supports charities and related organizations with real money.
But maybe this is just part of his lifestyle not an actual hobby ? Than let’s dig in more and find that his really busy lifestyle makes him a candidate for more static pleasures when he has the chance, like he admits it:
"I honestly if I get a vacation I'm gonna go and sit on my couch in New York cause that's the one place I haven't been for a very long time."
He also was known for playing poker although lately he resisted to this temptation since he sees that casino’s just want to take his money. And for Red Sox fans find out that Matt is truly a fan.

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