I am sorry for my readers who expect my usual articles but I will continue my list of movies about what kind of world we are leaving until I’ll become so disgusted I can’t take more. But like a reader email-ed me the other day, more informational sites to open our eyes and try to choose before it’s too late, never hurts.
The next video completes very well the other one End Game but this one starts with religion then goes to the big plot.
In the next articles the food industry is on my list and juicy videos will terrify you. So stay tuned !
Since all videos listed in this “Open Your Eyes Series” are full versions you need to invest time to watch them. Do it ! Prepare your schedule and instead of some TV shows or similar good to brainwash you spend that time here on this videos.
You have both versions of Zeitgeist, the original one (first) and the second edition.

Zeitgeist I

Zeigeist II

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