WAZZUB new date that will be launched on 9 April 2012.

Read the narrative about "WAZZUB" You'll better understand:

I - Google
You know a company like Google or Yahoo!. And you must know also how much they earn. Do not know? Here is the answer: They are getting billions of dollars each year (Google gets $ 29 billion ONLY in 2010) thanks to YOU who use their services. Google offers many services. But 95% of its revenues ($ 27.55 billion) came from only ONE service only: search engine owned by their famous, Google Search. Every user who uses the Google Search makes Google gets about $ 1 / day. Imagine if you could get only 0001% of the revenue Google Search: $ 275.000/year (around $ 23.000/month). The problem is: You will not get it because Google keeps ALL his income for himself.

II - Wazzub, "User Revolution"
In 2007, a person thinks: "We, the users make them get billions and we did not get a cent-one. It was very disgusting". Thus was born WAZZUB. Wazzub is a search engine, like Google, which will give you money for referring people to join our members. You will get let's say $ 1 (could be less at first, but more and more after), LIFETIME, for each user who joins Wazzub using your referral link. And you also get that $ 1, LIFETIME, every time someone joins your group (for example: you will get $ 1 if a friend you invite someone to join, but you also will get $ 1 if a friend of your friend to invite someone to join as well, etc. ..) - for 5 generation deep.
You can try out their calculators to see how it can be easy to get $ 4000 without any effort. You just need to invite 5 people to do the same thing in 5 levels. This can be done quickly and easily just by telling your friends and by posting on the forums on the Internet as I do now. $ 4,000 / month, LIFETIME, just to tell your friends to join a website. Sounds incredible, isn't it? And that's reality. The amount can vary, but in time can go up and up and up. It's realistic.

III-Wazzub Why pay so much for its users?
You may be wondering why Wazzub pay you to invite people to join. Actually, the answer is quite simple: the more visitors they get, the more they get paid. Remember, Google gets $ 1 per user PER DAY. Wazzub will pay you $ 1 per user PER MONTH. So it is still advantageous to Wazzub.

IV - Take your decision
You have to make decisions very quickly: join now, start telling your friends and get $ 50, $ 1,000, $ 4,000 or even more per month for your entire life. Or wait and see if it really WAZZUB legit ... But be careful: Wazzub will not share the proceeds to members who join after April, 9, 2012.

Actually, they assume that after 3 months they will have enough members and they do not have to pay to get more members in more and more.
So join NOW, for FREE, and invite people yanglebih much before April, 9 2012. After that, it would be too late. You have 3 months to change your life.

V - No more need be said, it's time to sign up
You should, and you will pay nothing for medaftar. Absolutely FREE.
go here (http://signup.wazzub.info/?lrRef=b608a) enter your email & your data, click the "Join" and ... That's just it.
Then, you will immediately receive an email with important information and your referral link.

VI - Tell everyone about Wazzub
The important thing to remember is: the faster you're posting on forums, tell your friends, etc. .. people will sign up with YOUR referral link.
Wazzub is so new. You will be one of the first people in the world to know about it. Do not waste this opportunity.
You can copy & paste this eBook and announce it with your own referral link, No Problem

VII. register please follow this link

# Stil not convinced ? Read this: 


  1. I'm in. Looks like an amazing opportunity, after some research (pro/contra like usual). Thanks.
    Sign up here:

    1. Still thinking and reading - but get's really interesting. I'm curios how they will pay me ?

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